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Poperinge, Belgium (05/18/79)
        In Flanders Fields

Poperinge-Maekeblijde, Belgium (05/18/79)
        Belgium 1979

Toronto, Ontario (12/29/78)
        Welcome Back Home
        New Years Eve Bash '78

Vancouver, British Columbia (11/04/78)
        Waltz Of The Shreves
        Vancouver Circumstances
        Looking Down From Olympus
        Rocinante - Remastered Edition

Liverpool, England (05/02/79)
        Secret Empire

London, England (05/05/79)
        Instant Attraction
        London `79
        Hammersmith `79
        Live In London
        London Fog
        An Evening In London

Manchester, England (04/30/79)
        Armed With Sense And Liberty
        Fun In England
        Manchester, England 1979

Newcastle, England (04/24/79)
        Belt Up And Listen

Erlangen, Germany (05/27/79)
        Invasion From Canada
        First Night In Germany

Offenbach, Germany (05/28/79)
        Farewell To Frankfult
        A Single Perfect Sphere V1.1
        Black Forest
        Universe Divided (PRRP)
        Buenos Nochas, Mein Frankfurt!

Geleen, Holland (06/04/79)
        A Right To Passage
        Pinkpop Festival
        Rushian Roulette
        Live At Pinkpop
        Praying For The Light
        Chronicles Book II
        Live In Holland 1979

Oslo, Norway (05/24/79)
        To Hear Amazing Things
        Hemispheres Tour/Oslo
        A Passage To Oslo
        A Passage To Oslo - Platinum Edition
        Hemispheres Performance

Gothenburg, Sweden (05/23/79)
        Lost Circumstances
        Admission Free
        Forgotten Kings - Remastered
        Forgotten Kings

Stockholm, Sweden (05/25/79)
        Tivoli Gardens
        Shortened Stockholm

Bristol, UK (05/14/79)
        12 Years Later

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States (01/21/79)
        Spinning In A Spectrum Of Hemispheres

Beaumont, Texas (03/04/79)
        Beaumont 1979 (mystical crow)

Chicago, Illinois (12/16/78)
        Fallen Trees - 2.0
        Hemispheres Live In Chicago 1978
        Chicago, IL 1978 (Rick B.)
        Fallen Trees
        Tour Of The Hemispheres 1978 Vol.I
        Live Hemispheres
        High Occupancy Vehicle
        Tour Of The Hemispheres 1978 Vol.II
        Fallen Trees - Platinum Edition

Cleveland, Ohio (02/03/79)
        A Farewell To Things

Detroit, Michigan (12/02/78)
        A Single Perfect Sphere V1.1
        Buenas Nochas! Motor City
        Oak Oppression
        Across The Lake Detroit 12/02/1978 Live!

Fresno, California (11/15/78)
        Warnor's Theatre '78
        Looking Down From Olympus
        Tour Of The Hemispheres
        Universe Divided (DR)

Hollywood, Florida (03/10/79)
        Held Hostage In Hollywood
        Hollywood Kings

Hollywood, California (03/10/79)
        Secret Show

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (12/07/78)
        Rush In Milwaukee

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (01/21/79)
        Philadelphia, PA 1979

Richfield, Ohio (02/03/79)
        Dedication - Platinum Edition

Rochester, New York (04/04/79)
        Turn The Pages Of History

St. Paul, Minnesota (12/09/78)
        St. Paul, MN 1978

Tucson, Arizona (11/20/78)
        A Desert Passage
        Cygnus X Story
        La Villa Stransoundboard
        "Storm" Over Tucson" Remaster
        Cygnus - Gold Edition
        First Time In Tucson
        A Desert Passage - Platinum Edition
        Black Hole Of "Cygnus X-1"
        Every Soul A Battlefield
        A Single Perfect Sphere V1.1

Uniondale, New York (04/06/79)
        Uniondale, NY 1979

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