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Buenos Aires, Argentina (10/15/10)
        Buenos Aires 2010 DVD

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (10/10/10)
        Rio de Janeiro 2010 (bigfootpezao)

Sao Paulo, Brazil (10/08/10)
        Freeze This Moment A Little Bit Longer

Montreal, Quebec (04/20/11)
        Montreal (opsopcopolis)

Quebec City, Quebec (07/15/10)
        Rush, Papier, Ciseaux
        Québec Machine De Temps
        Quebec City 2010 DVD (FM Productions)

Toronto, Ontario (07/17/10)
        Toronto 2010 (jmz93)
        YYZed Watchworks

Albuquerque, New Mexico (06/29/10)
        Albuquerque 2010 (rn)
        Albuquerque 2010 (Sabanitas_AD)
        Live In Albuquerque
        Your Sausage Gave Me A Rash

Allentown, Pennsylvania (08/31/10)
        Allentown 2010 (Tapehead2)
        Allentown 2010 DVD (Tapehead2)
        30 Years and 2 New Songs
        Gefilteh Music For Morons
        Allentown 2010 (bcironmaiden)

Alpharetta, Georgia (09/29/10)
        Atlanta 2010 (rn)

Aubrun Hills, Michigan (04/17/11)
        Auburn Hills 2011 (The Govner)

Auburn Hills, Michigan (04/17/11)
        Auburn Hills 2011 (billybardo)

Baltimore, Maryland (04/22/11)
        Baltimore 2011 (Kubacheck)
        Baltimore 2011 (PG1Tapes)

Boston, Massachusetts (09/14/10)
        The Technician Is Here
        Boston 2010 (AsYd)
        No Guitar Plenty Of Drums
        Still No Guitar

Bristow, Virginia (09/18/10)
        Bristow 2010 (RCarter)
        Bristow 2010 (rn)
        Bristow 2010 (Billy Shears)

Camden, New Jersey (07/21/10)
        Camden 2010 (Tapehead2)

Chicago, Illinois (04/12/11)
        You Can't Squeeze Sausage From An Accordion

Chicago, Illnois (08/23/10)
        Making It Up As They Go
        Well At Least It Didn't Rain

Clevland, Ohio (04/15/11)
        Cleveland 2011 (The Govner)

Columbus, Ohio (08/29/10)
        Columbus 2010 (jbraverman)
        It Doesn't Suck So Bad This Time, Papa
        Columbus 2010 (relayer67)
        My Own Moral Compass
        Columbus 2010 (The Govner)
        I Can't Stop Thinking Big!

Dallas, Texas (09/29/10)
        Dallas 2010 (whotapes)

Greensboro, North Carolina (04/02/11)
        Greensboro 2011 (univoc)
        Greensboro 2011 (The Govner)

Hershey, Pennsylvania (04/08/11)
        Hershey 2011 (Tapehead2/Schoeps MK4)
        Hershey 2011 (Tapehead2/AT943)
        Hershey 2011 BD (Tapehead2)
        Hershey 2011 DVD (Tapehead2)

Homdel, New Jersey (09/03/10)
        Holmdel 2010 (mrsaureus)

Irvine, California (08/13/10)
        Irvine 2010 DVD (Tapehead2)
        Irvine 2010 (Tapehead2)

Kansas City, Missouri (07/01/10)
        Just Leave It Alone!
        Kansas City 2010 (Gary Dean)
        The Sense Of Possibilities

Las Vegas, Nevada (08/14/10)
        Las Vegas 2010 (lvrwm)
        Las Vegas 2010 DVD (Tapehead2)
        In The Meantime...I'll Grab Your Sausage

Louisville, Kentucky (04/05/11)
        Louisville 2011 (Robducati)

Maryland Heights, Missouri (08/22/10)
        Maryland Heights 2010 (cptncrash76)
        Enough Talk About Pigeons
        In a World... Of Pigeons

Milwaukee, Wisconson (07/03/10)
        Milwaukee 2010 (analog4011)
        Summerfest Milwaukee
        Half A Brew

Morrison, Colorado (08/18/10)
        The International House of Sausage
        Red Rocks 2010 (sloppyart)
        Red Rocks 2010 (DaGhostRider)

Mountain View, California (08/09/10)
        Mountain View 2010 (bigdog)

Nashville, Tennessee (04/03/11)
        Nashville 2011 (The Govner)
        Harpooned Walrus
        Nashville 2011 DVD (Sabbatology)

New York, New York (04/10/11)
        New York 2011 DVD (Tapehead2)
        New York 2011 (Tapehead2/AT943)
        New York 2011 (Tapehead2/Schoeps MK4)
        New York 2011 BD (Tapehead2)

Omaha, Nebraska (08/25/10)
        Omaha 2010 (mygnat)

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (09/16/10)
        In A World That Seems So Small, How Did I End Up In Pittsbur
        Pittsburgh 2010 (rschw76409)

San Antonio, Texas (09/23/10)
        San Antonio 2010 (Ukimikko)

Saratoga Springs, NY (07/23/10)
        Saratoga Springs 2010 (CEddy)

St. Paul, Minnesota (08/27/10)
        St. Paul 2010 (Belexes)

Sunrise, Florida (03/30/11)
        Sunrise 2011 (JohnG)
        Sunrise 2011 (SUITES)
        Sunrise 2011 (rn)

Syracuse, New York (09/02/10)
        Syracuse 2010 (Boeditaper)
        Syracuse 2010 (bouliasoul)
        Syracuse 2010 (sunboy)
        Syracuse 2010 (Beatkilla)
        Syracuse 2010 (toaster)

Tampa, Florida (10/01/10)
        Tampa 2010 (Bluntforcetrauma/DPA4061)
        At The Heart Of Moving Pictures
        Tampa 2010 (Bluntforcetrauma/DPA4022)

Toledo, Ohio (04/13/11)
        Toledo 2011 (JamminJ)

Tulsa, Oklahoma (09/21/10)
        Tulsa 2010 (barthie)

Uncasville, Connecticut (07/19/10)
        Put Another Quarter In That Machine
        Watchmaker's Sun... Lit Only By Fire

Universal City, California (08/11/10)
        Los Angeles 2010 (Bob S.)
        Universal Pictures

Wantagh, NY (07/24/10)
        Wantagh 2010 (conan1982)

West Palm Beach, Florida (10/02/10)
        You Stopped Moving Pictures
        Don't Ask Me, I'm Just Improvising
        West Palm Beach 2010 (datfly)
        West Palm Beach 2010 (John G)

Wichita, Kansas (08/20/10)
        Wistful & Weathered in Wichita

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