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Regina, Saskatchewan (05/25/08)
        Cursed Indeed

Toronto, Ontario (07/09/08)
        Toronto 2008 (JMZ93)

Vancouver, British Columbia (05/29/08)
        The Way The Smoke Blows

Albuquerque, New Mexico (04/29/08)
        Live From Journal Pavilion
        Snakes & Ladders

Alpharetta, Georgia (07/22/08)
        Alpharetta 2008 (The Govner)

Atlantic City, New Jersey (07/04/08)
        Trump Taj Mahal

Burgettstown, Pennsylvania (07/02/08)
        Pittsburgh 2008 (lghtmn)

Charlotte, North Carolina (07/20/08)
        My Favorite Member Of Rush!
        I Got Crabs At Hooters

Chicago, Illinois (06/09/08)
        69 Chicago

Cincicnnati, Ohio (06/30/08)
        Gater Cousins At Coney Island

Cincinnati, Ohio (06/30/08)
        Snakes And The Gate
        Cincinnati 2008 (The Govner)

Concord, California (05/04/08)
        Concord 2008 (bill)
        Concord 2008 (dcbullet)

Dallas, Texas (04/25/08)
        Snakes And Arrows Ya'll

Detroit, Michigan (06/10/08)
        Detroit 2008 (gladcarrot)
        Detroit 2008 (PotHole)

Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (04/13/08)
        Chicken Kitchen

Hershey, Pennsylvania (07/17/08)
        Making Modern Mnusic
        Hershey, PA 2008 (Rich S)

Jacksonville, Florida (04/17/08)
        Snakes And Beer Breaks
        Maximum Jax - Survive Annihilation

Kansas City, Missouri (06/07/08)
        Kansas City 2008 (wloner)

Las Vegas, Nevada (05/10/08)
        Las Vegas 2008 (Rob Mullen)

Los Angeles, California (05/06/08)
        Los Angeles 2008 (Bob S)

Manchester, New Hampshire (07/11/08)
        The Finest Special Effects
        Manchester 2008 (MaidenNH)
        Manchester Henhaus

Mansfield, Massachusetts (06/15/08)
        Them Snakes At Comcast

Maryland Heights, Missouri (06/28/08)
        St. Louis 2008 (AT898)
        St. Louis 2008 (cptncrash76)
        Veteran Songs

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (06/27/08)
        Milwaukee 2008 (Belexes)

Morrison, Colorado (06/25/08)
        R4 : Red Rocks Rush Redux - RAW
        R4 : Red Rocks Rush Redux - EQed

New York, New York (07/16/08)
        The Colbert Report

Noblesville, Indiana (07/24/08)
        Noblesville 2008 (The Govner)

Orlando, Florida (04/15/08)
        Let Me Introduce You To My Little Friend
        An Angel In Orlando
        Orlando, FL 2008 (drdrew)

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (06/14/08)
        Philadelphia 2008 (Tapehead2)
        Philadelphia 2008 (Flying Gonz)
        Philadelphia 2008 (NYCBC)

Phoenix, Arizona (05/01/08)
        Teaching Phoenix A Lesson
        Snakes And Crickets
        Winded Cricket
        Phoenix 2008 (kjalen)

Reno, Nevada (05/03/08)
        Reno 2008 (bill)

Ridgefield, Washington (06/01/08)
        Illegal Beyond Belief
        Ridgefield 2008 (Chris Mcgrath)

Saratoga Springs, New York (07/05/08)
        Saratoga Springs 2008 (bluebird111)

Sunrise, Florida (04/13/08)
        Sunrise At The Henhouse

Wantaugh, New York (07/14/08)
        Jones Beach 2008 (NYCBC)

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