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London, Ontario (09/12/07)
        London Ontario 2007 (unknown)

Montreal, Quebec (09/15/07)
        Feel The Circuits Blowing

Montreal (09/15/07)
        A Little Closer To You - Part 2
        A Little Closer To You - Part 3

Ottawa (09/21/07)
        A Little Closer To You - Part 4

Quebec City (09/14/07)
        A Little Closer To You - Part 1

Quebec City, Quebec (09/14/07)
        Feel The Current Flowing

Toronto, Ontario (09/19/07)
        Toronto 2007 (bobcat)

Toronto (09/22/07)
        A Little Closer To You - Part 3

Toronto, Ontario (09/22/07)
        Toronto 2007 (Burnboy)

Toronto (09/22/07)
        Ode To Broonsie

Toronto, Ontario (09/19/07)
        Snakes On A Plain Of Cosmik Consciousness

Toronto (09/22/07)
        A Little Closer To You - Part 5

Toronto, Ontario (09/22/07)
        Snakes On A Plain Of Cosmik Consciousness

Toronto (09/19/07)
        A Little Closer To You - Part 3

Birmingham, England (10/12/07)
        Union Of The Snake Volume 15
        Union Of The Snake Volume 16

London, England (10/12/07)
        Union Of The Snake Volume 17
        Wembley Snakes & Arrows - First Night
        Union Of The Snake Volume 12
        Union Of The Snake Volume 14
        Wembley Snakes & Arrows - Second Night
        Union Of The Snake Volume 11
        London Arrows
        Union Of The Snake Volume 9
        Union Of The Snake Volume 13
        Union Of The Snake Volume 10

Manchester, England (10/14/07)
        Union Of The Snake Volume 19
        Union Of The Snake Volume 21
        The Main Mancy Business

Newcastle, England (10/05/07)
        Union Of The Snake Volume 3
        Union Of The Snake Volume 4
        Union Of The Snake Volume 5

Sheffield, England (10/06/07)
        Union Of The Snake Volume 6
        Union Of The Snake Volume 7
        Union Of The Snake Volume 8
        Sheffield Snakes

Helsinki, Finland (10/29/07)
        Helsinki Finland 2007 (BMR)
        You Can Almost Hear The Circuits Blowing
        Helsinki 2007 (sinner76)

Mannheim, Germany (10/21/07)
        Mannheim Germany 2007 (SF)
        Mannheim 2007 (Stoff and Lins)
        Snakes & Chicken
        Good News First

Oberhausen, Germany (10/19/07)
        Oberhausen Germany 2007 (SF)
        Welcome Back In Oberhausen - Remaster
        Flowers In The Garden Of The Gods

Milan, Italy (10/23/07)
        A Milan Grazie

Rotterdam, Netherlands (10/17/07)
        Dankoewel Holland
        Smile You're On DVD
        Rush Ahoy
        Zo De Wind Waait
        The Rotterdam Experience

Oslo, Norway (10/26/07)
        Second Coming
        Oslo Norway 2007 (rat6464)

Glasgow, Scotland (10/03/07)
        Union Of The Snake Volume 2
        Union Of The Snake Volume 1
        Union Of The Snake - The DVD
        Backseat Monkey Business

Stockholm, Sweden (10/27/07)
        In Stockholm 2007

Wantagh, New York, U.S.A. (07/02/07)
        Hope The Wind Doesn't Blow This Way!

Birmingham, UK (10/12/07)
        Snakes In The Henhouse

London, UK (10/09/07)
        Behind Iron Gates

Atlanta, Georgia (06/13/07)
        Overnight Delivery
        Tastes Like Chicken (The DVD)
        Atlanta Rush Hour
        Tastes Like Chicken

Auburn, Washington (07/20/07)
        Snakes And Urinals

Bonner Spings, Kansas (08/23/07)
        Bonner Springs 2007 (Ryan A)

Bristow, Virginia (06/23/07)
        A Far Cry In Bristow
        Bristow 2007 (Tdb)

Buffalo, New York (07/04/07)
        Darien Lake 2007 (Toaster)
        Workin Them Stones

Burgettstown, Pennsylvania (06/25/07)
        Serpents & Spears
        Snakes On A Stage!
        Steel City Armor

Camden, New Jersey (07/06/07)
        Camden, NJ 2007 (BFOC)
        Camden 2007 (Lou)
        Camden, NJ 2007 (Lou)

Charlotte, North Carolina (06/18/07)
        Charlotte Likes Snakes

Chicago, Illinois (09/08/07)
        Snakes & Earl's

Chula Vista, California (07/30/07)
        A Far Cry For San Diego

Cincinnati, Ohio (09/01/07)
        Cincinnati 2007 (Jerry B)

Columbus, Ohio (09/02/07)
        Columbus Coat Of Arms
        Columbus 2007 (Jerry B)

Concord, California (08/03/07)
        We're On The Sleep Train To Concord
        Concord 2007 (dcbullet)

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio (08/30/07)
        Cuyahoga Falls 2007 (lghtnm)
        Abbreviated Arrows

Dallas, Texas (08/11/07)
        Dallas 2007 (Chris Milazzo)
        Dallas 2007 (Mike Rowefoen)
        Dallas 2007 (Steve Armstrong)
        Snakes & Arrows & Sweat

Hollywood, California (07/23/07)
        Hollywood 2007 (Josephine)
        Spoons And Bowls

Homdel, New Jersey (07/08/07)
        Turn Up The Music And Smile
        Snakes & Arrows & Rotisserie Chicken
        What Am I Supposed To Say

Las Vegas, Nevada (07/28/07)
        Rolling Snakes And Arrows

Los Angeles, California (07/23/07)
        Hollywood Bowl 2007 (RJPass)

Mansfield, Massachusetts (06/27/07)
        A Shvitzy Night
        An Hour With Rush
        In Boston Red Sox Nation

Maryland Heights, Missouri (08/24/07)
        Malignant Humidity
        Venom, Meet Flint!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (09/06/07)
        Snakes And Sparrows
        Milwauk'eh Cheese Snakes
        Snakes In Milwaukee 2007
        Milwaukee Monkey Business

Morrison, Colorado (08/08/07)
        Morrison 2007 (Mike B)

Moutain View, California (08/01/07)
        Long Twirl Goes Boom

New York City, New York (09/17/07)
        MSG 2007 DVD (NYC-BC)

Noblesville, Indiana (08/26/07)
        We Dance On The Strings
        A Farewell To Deer Creek

Phoenix, Arizona (07/27/07)
        Floating Down A River With A Canadian Trio

Ridgefield, Washington (07/21/07)
        Ahead Of The Wheel
        Alex Wails, Alex Questions
        Portland 2007 DVD

Saratoga Springs, New York (06/30/07)
        In Search Of Suzanne

Scranton, Pennsylvania (06/29/07)
        There's Snakes In Them Hills
        The Lonely Torchlit Hill

St Louis, Missouri (08/24/07)
        St Louis 2007 (Chuck)

St. Paul, Minnesota (09/09/07)
        The Xcel Factor
        St Paul 2007 (drumj56)

Tampa, Florida (06/16/07)
        Lil Rush
        The Snakebite DVD
        Snakebites In Tampa
        Rush'n Rotisserie

Tinley Park, Illinois (09/08/07)
        Hi Canada!

Uncassville, Connecticut (07/09/07)
        Mohegan Sun 2007 (Bill Hoy)

Uncasville, Connecticut (07/09/07)
        Mohegan Sun 2007 (NYC-BC)
        Avalon Rush

Virginia Beach, Virginia (06/22/07)
        Throwing Marshmallows At Alex Is Not Recommended

Wantagh, New York (07/02/07)
        Jones Beach 2007 (NYC-BC)

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