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Montreal, Quebec (06/28/97)
        Echoes Of Old Applause

Ottawa, Ontario (07/04/97)
        The Final Test

Quebec City, Quebec (07/03/97)
        A Barchetta In Quebec

Toronto (06/30/97)
        Coming Home - YYZed: The Complete Edition

Toronto, Ontario (07/02/97)
        Stretch Drive
        Stretch Drive - Platinum Edition

Toronto (07/02/97)
        Coming Home - YYZed: The Complete Edition

Toronto, Ontario (06/30/97)
        Stick It Out Alex
        Stolen Signals

Toronto (06/30/97)
        An Evening With Rush

Toronto, Ontario (06/30/97)
        What A Show

Vancouver, British Columbia (05/16/97)
        Plus Ca Change
        Cry For The Moon

Albany, New York (10/19/96)
        Never Stands Still
        Echoes On The Stages - 2 Disk
        Echoes On The Stages
        To Stand The Test Of Time
        Initial Reflections DVD
        Initial Reflections
        Virtual Songs

Atlanta, Georgia (12/11/96)
        A Farewell To Omni

Auburn Hills, Michigan (10/25/96)
        Kings In The Palace

Bonner Springs, Kansas (06/07/97)
        Between Two Extremes

Boston, Massachusetts (11/09/96)
        It's All About the Music

Buffalo, New York (10/20/96)
        A Torn Up Photograph DVD
        A Torn Up Photograph

Camden, New Jersey (06/22/97)
        Driven Over The Edge
        Driven To The Edge - Platinum Edition
        The Other Half
        Driven To The Edge

Charlotte, North Carolina (12/12/96)
        Hangin' In Limbo

Chicago, Illinois (10/28/96)
        United We Stand
        T4E Live: Chicago 96
        Pixellated Space
        Chicago 10-28-96

Cincinnati, Ohio (06/04/97)
        A Talking Drum

Clarkston, Michigan (06/17/97)
        Clarkston '97

Cleveland, Ohio (11/04/96)
        Dances With The Moon
        Test It

Columbus, Ohio (06/16/97)
        My Virtual Hand

Dallas, Texas (05/24/97)
        Texas Two Step
        The Big Show
        An Evening In Dallas

Darien Center, New York (06/26/97)
        Darien Lake '97

Dayton, Ohio (10/22/96)
        Another Test
        Destination Dayton
        The Dayton Game

Devore, California (05/10/97)
        Simulated California

East Rutherford, New Jersey (12/15/96)
        Dances With The Moon
        A Scottish Canadian Cowboy In Jersey
        Eastern Echoes

El Paso, Texas (11/30/96)
        Yo Tango Su Casa 'N Mi Bocca
        Special Songs And Some Psychiatric Treatment
        Viva La Rush

George, Washington (05/17/97)
        The Gorge
        Gorgeous George

Grand Rapids, Michigan (10/23/96)
        Time And Emotion

Greenwood Village, Colorado (05/22/97)
        Mile High Echo

Hartford, Connecticut (11/10/96)
        Mis ing Pi ces

Holmdel, New Jersey (06/19/97)
        Gangster Nation

Homdel, New Jersey (06/19/97)
        No Place Like Holmdel

Houston, Texas (12/05/96)
        Some Kind Of Drama
        Bigger & Better In Texas - Remastered
        Echo Tester
        Time After Time
        The Summit Board
        All Systems Go
        Houston Soundboard
        Bigger & Better In Texas! - Titanium Version
        An Evening In Houston
        Bigger & Better In Texas

Inglewood, California (11/27/96)
        Test For Bones

Jones Beach, New York (06/25/97)
        Live At Jones Beach
        Helllll-oooooo New York!!!!

Landover, Maryland (11/07/96)
        An Absolut Rush
        Landover 1996 DVD

Las Vegas, Nevada (11/24/96)
        Thomas & Mack

Los Angeles, California (11/26/96)
        Stage Test...The Movie
        Stage Test

Mansfield, Massachusetts (06/23/97)
        Great Woods And Summer Skies
        Mansfield, MA (Raw Source)

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (06/13/97)
        Milwaukee '97
        Sending Mixed Signals
        Milwaukee's Best

Minneapolis, Minnesota (10/29/96)
        Moving Targets DVD
        To Hear Amazing Things
        Moving Targets
        Moving Targets Version 2.01
        Individually, We Are A Ass, But Together, We Are A Genius

Mountain View, California (05/11/97)
        To Hear Amazing Things

Moutain View, California (05/11/97)
        Synchronized Stars
        Mountain View

Nashville, Tennessee (06/05/97)
        Under The Starwood

Nassau, New York (12/14/96)
        Test Limbo

New Orleans, Louisiana (12/06/96)
        Seasonal Migrations

Noblesville, Indiana (06/10/97)
        A Noble Effort

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11/06/96)
        Look And See
        Aztec And Maya
        Driven Up And Down
        Aztec And Maya DVD
        Is There Anybody Out There?
        Aztec And Maya VCD

Phoenix, Arizona (11/29/96)
        Virtual Worlds
        To Hear Amazing Things
        Rising From The Ashes
        Virtual Songs
        Virtual Sands

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (11/03/96)
        Vishnu & Gaia
        Echoes For Test
        Pittsburgh '97

Portland, Oregon (05/14/97)
        Ron's Vault Release #3

Sacramento, California (11/21/96)
        Test Drive

Salt Lake City, Utah (05/20/97)
        Delta Forces

San Antonio, Texas (12/02/96)
        Culture Shock

San Diego, California (11/23/96)
        Idols And Icons
        Virtual Songs
        10th Row In A Haze
        The Spirit At Sunset

San Jose, California (11/20/96)
        Escape From Canada
        The Static Of Talk
        San Jose 1996 DVD
        Live On Satellite
        Vagabonds In Silicon Valley

St. Louis, Missouri (10/31/96)
        Greatest Show
        T4E Live: St. Louis 96

Tampa, Florida (12/09/96)
        Black Ice
        Tampa Soundboard
        Ice On Fire
        Musical Messiahs

Tinley, Illinois (06/14/97)
        Centerstage Chicago

Tinley Park, Illinois (06/14/97)
        O 'Chicago
        Road Tested (2nd Leg)

Uniondale, New York (12/14/96)
        A Confused State Of Mind

Uniondale, New Mexico (12/14/96)
        New York 1996 DVD

Uniondale, New York (12/14/96)

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