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Buffalo, New York (04/18/94)
        The Spirit Of Buffalo

East Rutherford, New Jersey (04/22/94)
        Holy Fire

Jacksonville, Florida (03/02/94)
        Shining Bridges

Landover, Maryland (04/26/94)
        Different Shows Live

Montreal, Quebec (05/06/94)
        Live In Montreal

Toronto, Ontario (05/07/94)
        Mistress Of The Dark
        Matrix Animated
        A Farewell To The Gardens
        Animated: Remaster

Albany, New York (05/03/94)
        Live In Albany

Anaheim, California (02/05/94)
        Three Ducks In A Pond

Atlanta, Georgia (02/24/94)
        No Hard Feelings
        Atlanta's Heroes
        Lightning Reactions
        Cold Fire In Hotlanta

Auburn Hills, Michigan (03/22/94)
        Critical Mass
        A View From The Palace VCD
        Majestic Symphonies
        A View From The Palace DVD
        A New View

Buffalo, New York (04/18/94)
        Leave That Buffalo Alone
        Barreling Over The Edge

Charlotte, North Carolina (02/25/94)
        Leave That Beehive Alone

Dallas, Texas (01/28/94)
        Texas Two Step Part 2
        In A Phosphorescent Wave

East Rutherford, New Jersey (04/22/94)
        Sound Of Holy Fire

Fresno, California (02/08/94)
        Natural Reflex, In Artificial Light
        Sounding Great In Fresno
        Natural Reflex, In Artificial Light DVD
        Nuts And Bolts (San Diego)

Houston, Texas (01/26/94)
        Highlights From Houston
        Texas Two Step Part 1

Ingelwood, California (02/03/94)
        Caught In The Act

Jacksonville, Florida (03/02/94)
        Three Aces
        Come To A Standstill

Jacksonville,, Florida (03/02/94)
        Intercoastal Interplay

Landover, Maryland (04/26/94)
        A Darker Light
        Lock, Stock, And Barreled
        Anywhere But Here
        Darkness And Light
        Winken, Blinken, Nod

Las Cruces, New Mexico (01/31/94)
        Las Cruces De Fuego Santo
        This Is How We Do It

Madison, Wisconsin (04/02/94)
        Counterparts Tour 1994 - Audio DVD
        Nuts And Bolts (Madison)
        Smooth Agression
        Passive Aggression
        Dane's Bane
        The Mighty Three: 1994 Encores & Things
        Cool Dream

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (04/07/94)
        River Rhythms

Minneapolis, Minnesota (04/08/94)
        The Wilderness Of Mirrors

Moline, Illinois (04/09/94)
        Between Country And Western
        The Countershmeg Show
        At The Mark

New Orleans, Louisiana (01/23/94)
        Gangster Of Boats
        New Orleans 1994 (2nd Source, Raw Source)
        Lakefront Assault

New York, New York (03/08/94)
        The Big Apple Box
        At The Big Apple
        Closer To Our Heart
        Live In New York City 3/8/94
        The Big Apple Box
        At The Big Apple : Part 2
        The Big Apple Box DVD
        The Big Apple Box VCD

Pensacola, Florida (01/22/94)
        Prime Mover
        First Impressions DVD
        Northern Heroes
        First Part Of Counters
        The Mighty Three: 1994 Encores & Things
        First Impressions
        The Speed Of Life
        First Impressions VCD

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (04/30/94)
        Polarize Me
        The Mighty Three: 1994 Encores & Things
        Double Play In Philly
        A Night At The Spectrum
        Polarized Spectrum
        Double Play In Philly
        Broad & Patterson

Phoenix, Arizona (02/01/94)
        Phoenix Rising '94

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (04/20/94)
        Animated Steel

Providence, Rhode Island (05/01/94)
        Rushian Nor'easter Category III

Richfield, Ohio (03/23/94)
        Everyday Glory
        A Farewell To Richfield

Rochester, New York (05/04/94)
        The Rochester Trilogy - Part 3

Rosemont, Illinois (03/30/94)
        Faith, Goodness, Humanity
        Tuxedo Tuesday
        Windy Points

Sacramento, California (02/10/94)
        Kings For A Night

San Diego, California (02/07/94)
        Sounds Of Science
        The Sounds Of San Diego
        Alien Shores

San Francisco, California (02/11/94)
        A San Francisco Odyssey

San Jose, California (02/12/94)
        A Nice New Building DVD
        A Nice New Building

St. Louis, Missouri (04/04/94)
        In The Lake Of Sky

St. Petersburg, Florida (03/04/94)
        Florida 1994
        Storm In St. Petersburg

Worcester, Massachusetts (03/12/94)
        Live In Worcester
        Welcome To Our Town II
        Welcome To Our Town

Worchester, Massachusetts (03/11/94)
        A Tale Of Two

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