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Dallas, Texas (06/10/84)
        Dallas 84 Texas Jam

Richfield, Ohio (07/06/84)
        Falling From Grace

Montreal, Quebec (07/14/84)
        Data Overload
        Seeing Red
        Another Lost Generation
        The Night Is Black

Toronto, Ontario (09/21/84)
        The Spirit Of Radio
        Life Under Pressure
        Different Structures
        Temple Of Syrinx
        Gracing Montreal
        Live In Toronto 1986
        Live -Vol. 1 - USA 1989
        Obsolete Absalom
        Tom Sawyer
        First Vision Under Pressure
        Currently In Vogue

Osaka, Japan (11/20/84)
        Made In Japan
        The Pulse To Passion
        Space And Time
        Four Nights In A Judo Arena
        Another Wasteland
        Red Sector A

Tokyo, Japan (11/21/84)
        Neil Behind Version 1.0
        See You Again Sometime...
        At Budokan
        Grace Under Pressure
        Ikiiki Siteiru
        G Under P

Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.. (05/29/84)
        Los Angeles, CA - 1st Night

Albuquerque, New Mexico (05/08/84)
        An Evening Of Enchantment

Atlanta, Georgia (10/30/84)
        Omni Under Pressure

Boise, Idaho (05/15/84)
        Artwork Under Pressure

Buffalo, New York (07/12/84)
        Across The Lake
        Buffalo 1984

Daly City, California (05/26/84)
        Wheels Of Time
        The Cow Palace

East Rutherford, New Jersey (09/29/84)
        Graceful Meadowlands

Glen Falls, New York (09/15/84)
        Glen Falls Under Pressure

Hartford, Connecticut (09/15/84)
        Miracle On Ice

Laguna Hills, California (06/02/84)
        On The Wet Summer Lawn

Landover, Maryland (09/27/84)
        Red Alert
        Tip Of The Iceberg
        Witch Hunting In Largo!!

Largo, Maryland (09/27/84)
        Bottle Of Booze
        Cool Under Fire
        New World Men

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (06/25/84)
        Experience To Extremes
        Experience To Extremes - Remastered

New Haven, Connecticut (09/28/84)
        Space And Time

New Orleans, Louisiana (10/27/84)
        The Bayou Electric

New York, New York (09/17/84)
        Mars On The Horizon
        Live From New York
        Surge Of Adrealine
        Experience To Extremes

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (11/05/84)
        B-Man And The Cheesesteaks
        Lost In Philly '84

Pittsburg, Pennsylvania (07/08/84)
        The Igloo

Reno, Nevada (05/12/84)
        Spinning Wheels
        Gambling Under Pressure

Richfield, Ohio (07/07/84)
        Paz's Attic Release #5

Rosemont, Illinois (06/29/84)
        Hot June Night
        Tinker To Evers To Chance
        Ductile Iron
        Ductile Iron
        Chicago Under Pressure

San Diego, California (05/28/84)
        Things Crawl In The Darkness
        Pressure Release

San Francisco, California (05/24/84)

St. Louis, Missouri (07/02/84)
        St. Louis 1984

Uniondale, New York (09/30/84)
        Paz's Attic Release #6

Worcester, Massachusetts (10/03/84)
        Worcester MA

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