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Brussels, Belgium (05/12/83)
        Belgian Delights
        A Brussels Affair

Montreal, Quebec (04/09/83)
        A Change Of Synergy
        Visual Chemistry DVD
        Winter Skies
        Winter Skies DVD
        A Digital Forum
        Stories From Signals
        Bonsoir, Montreal
        Visual Chemistry
        Visual Chemistry DVD Bootleg

Quebec City, Quebec (04/07/83)
        Signals De Quebec

Toronto, Ontario (11/17/82)
        Distant Signals

Birmingham, England (05/15/83)
        Signals Transmitted - Act II: Exchange Of Energy
        Signals Transmitted - Act III: No Flow Without The Other
        Signals Transmitted
        Suite Signals
        Signals Transmitted
        Suite Signals
        Birmingham `83
        Signals Transmitted - Act I: Reaction Making Impact
        Signals Transmitted
        Suite Signals

London, England (05/18/83)
        So Debonair
        Live In London, England
        Signals From London
        Countdown To London
        Live In London 2nd Night '81
        Music Of The Spheres
        Absolutely Signals
        Signals From London Remaster

Dusseldorf, Germany (05/10/83)
        An Insolated Border
        New World

Frankfurt, Germany (05/07/83)
        It's All in a Days Work

Hamburg, Germany (05/08/83)

Heidelberg, Germany (05/11/83)
        Signals From Suburbia

Rotterdam, Holland (05/03/83)
        Signals From Holland
        Queen Of Oblivion
        Mass Production Zone

Edinburgh, Scotland (05/25/83)
        The Last Signal

Ingliston, Edinburgh, Scotland (05/25/83)
        Mad Cows And Scotsmen

Ingliston, Edinburgh, U.K. (05/24/83)
        The Lost Signal

Buffalo, New York (04/05/83)
        Live in Buffalo, NY

Charlotte, North Carolina (03/25/83)
        Charlotte, NC 1983

Dayton, Ohio (11/14/82)
        Dayton '82

Detroit, Michigan (11/08/82)
        Digital Men
        Signals Get Crossed

Greensboro, North Carolina (03/27/83)
        Greensboro Coliseum

Hartford, Connecticut (04/01/83)
        Live In Hartford 83'
        You Move Me

Inglewood, California (02/17/83)
        Californimania - Part 2
        Californimania - Part 3
        The Signals Tour/Los Angeles
        Live In La

Las Cruces, New Mexico (02/26/83)
        Excitement So Thick

Long Beach, California (02/15/83)

Los Angeles, California (02/18/83)
        The LA Kid
        A Forum Full Of Weapons

Milwaukee, Wisconsin (10/09/82)
        A New World
        In The Middle

Providence, Rhode Island (12/05/82)
        Live In Providence, Ri

Rosemont, Illinois (11/19/82)
        The Edge Of A Dream

St. Louis, Missouri (10/12/82)
        Take Me Out To The Ball Game
        Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Syracuse, New York (04/02/83)
        Syracuse '83
        Signalling Syracuse

Uniondale, New York (12/09/82)
        Autumn Woods And Winter Skies
        Electronic Countermeasures
        Live At Nassau Coliseum 12/9/82
        Music In The Abstract

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