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03/01/81 International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois
        Personal Pictures
        Exit... Stage Right
        Chicago, IL 1981 (Rick B.)
        Mystery Eyes
        Chicago, IL 3-1-81 - The Definitive Edition
        Live At Nassau Coliseum 12/9/82
        Moving Pictures Tour/Chicago
        Chicago, IL 1981 (Eeklair)
        Every Nerve Aware

03/08/81 Hara Arena, Dayton, Ohio
        Dayton 1981

03/15/81 Cobo Arena, Detroit, Michigan
        Third Night At The Cobo
        Detroit, MI 1981

03/23/81 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
        Toronto's Last Stand

03/24/81 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
        Living In The Limelight
        Live At Toronto 1981
        Canada '81 - 20th Anniversary Edition
        Toronto's Last Stand

03/25/81 Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario
        Toronto's Last Stand
        Pictures Projected

03/27/81 The Forum, Montreal, Quebec
        First Vision Under Pressure
        Red Barchetta
        A Symptom Of Life
        Life Under Pressure
        Careful With That Axe, Alex
        Red Stars Of The Solar Federation
        A New Reality
        Live In Toronto 1986
        Enemies From Within And Beyond
        Praying For The Light

04/04/81 Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Phoenix, Arizona
        Phoenix Rising
        Pictures Of Phoenix

04/05/81 Tingley Coliseum, Alburquerque, New Mexico
        Albuquerque, NM '81

04/12/81 Tarrant County Convention Center, Fort Worth, Texas
        For What It's Worth
        For What It's Worth - Platinum Edition
        Moving Pictures Tour/Fort Worth

04/19/81 Municipal Auditorium, New Orleans, Louisiana
        Closer To The Magic
        Paz's Attic Release #4

05/17/81 Capital Center, Largo, Maryland
        The Spirit Of Largo
        Live In Largo '81

05/18/81 Madison Square Garden, New York, New York
        Modern Day Warriors
        Picture This
        New York '81

05/20/81 Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York
        An Angular Mass

05/24/81 Civic Center, Providence, Rhode Island
        Short Takes
        Streets Of Diversity

06/05/81 The Coliseum, Oakland, California
        Mechanical Music

06/06/81 Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, Oakland, California
        Moving Pictures Tour/Oakland
        Exit The Warriors
        Oakland 81

06/14/81 Long Beach Arena, Long Beach, California
        Moving Stage
        Tom Sawyer Live At Long Beach Arena
        6/14/81 Long Beach Arena (Raw Transfer)

06/16/81 Convention Center, Anaheim, California
        Anaheim 1981 Master
        Caught in the Camera's Eye
        We Have Assumed Control (CatSkip Records Inc)
        Anaheim, CA 6-16-81 - The Definitive Edition
        Atmospheric Disturbance
        Hatched, Axe And Saw
        The Feverish Flux
        Anaheim '81 - The Definitive Edition - Remastered

07/02/81 Met Center, Bloomington, Minnesota
        Living In Bloomington

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