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All the Worlds a Stage
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Moving Pictures
Exit Stage Left
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Grace Under Pressure
Second Tour of the Nadars
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Vapor Trails
30th Anniversary
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Time Machine
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Montreal, Quebec (01/21/80)
        Old Russian Song
        Fly In The Night
        Distant Overture
        Invisible Airwaves
        Stretched To The Limit

Birmingham, England (06/20/80)
        Birmingham 1980

Leeds, England (06/15/80)
        Generations Lost
        Leeds, England 1980

Leicester, England (06/21/80)
        Leicaster, UK 1980

London, England (06/06/80)
        Big Ben
        Live In London '80
        Live In London '80

Manchester, England (02/02/80)
        Manchester Et Nous
        Manchester England 1980

Glasgow, Scotland (06/11/80)
        Glasgow Apollo 1980

London, U.K. (06/05/80)
        On The Bar

Atlanta, Georgia (01/30/80)
        Atlanta, GA

Buffalo, New York (05/21/80)
        Live In Buffalo, NY '80

Chicago, Illinois (04/04/80)
        The Appliance Of Science

Cleveland, Ohio (02/18/80)
        The Magic Of Radio

Dayton, Ohio (02/16/80)
        Live At The U. D. Arena

Fort Worth, Texas (02/02/80)
        Timeless Wavelength
        Timeless Wavelength - Platinum Edition
        The Three Magicians
        The Three Magicians - Remaster

Hershey, Pennsylvania (05/13/80)
        Hershey, PA 1980

Inglewood, California (03/10/80)
        One Year Later And Another Hostage Released

Los Angeles, California (03/10/80)
        Setting The Course

New Haven, Connecticut (05/20/80)
        Elm City Waves
        Live In New Haven, CT

New York, New York (05/08/80)
        Freedom Of Music

Poughkeepsie, New York (01/26/80)
        My Brain Hurts
        National Sound
        Poughkeepsie NY 1980 Jan 26

Richfield, Ohio (02/18/80)
        Richfield, Ohio '80
        Check This Out

Seattle, Washington (03/19/80)
        Permanent Tour

Spokane, Washington (03/21/80)
        History In Ruins
        Spokane, WA '80

St. Louis, Missouri (02/14/80)
        The Spirit Of St. Louis
        La Villa Strangiato
        The Spirit Of Radiostar
        St. Louis '80 - Remaster Edition
        Natural Science
        Valentines Day Massacare
        Taurus Pedals From Hell
        The Magic Of Radio
        At Globen 2004

Toledo, Ohio (04/24/80)
        Sports Arena - Toledo, OH

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