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Cygnus - Gold Edition


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 79:33, 51:38
Catalog: Prism Records: 199507
Source: Soundboard
Date: November 20, 1978
Location: Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Intro   0:43
Anthem   4:21
A Passage to Bangkok   4:16
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   5:23
Xanadu   13:10
Something for Nothing   4:27
The Trees   4:33
Cygnus X-1   9:47
Hemispheres: Prelude   4:33
Hemispheres: Apollo / Dionysus   4:46
Hemispheres: Armageddon   3:11
Hemispheres: Cygnus   5:37
Hemispheres: The Sphere   1:01
Closer to the Heart   3:43

Circumstances   4:07
A Farewell To Kings   5:30
La Villa Strangiato   9:52
2112: Overture   4:24
2112: Temples Of Syrinx   2:40
2112: Discovery   3:04
2112: Presentation   4:06
2112: Soliloquy   2:27
2112: Grand Finale   2:32
Working Man   3:29
Bastille Day   1:46
In The Mood   2:47

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Average Rating:Audio: 8.75

Brent's Bootlegs
   (Audio - 9)

Well as you can see from the setlist ... this bootleg rocks! Bytor, Xanadu, Cygnus X-1, Hemispheres, La Villa Strangiato, and 2112 all on 1 boot. I think I'm in classic Rush heaven! This CD is much improved over the original "Cygnus" bootleg. If you are trying to decide between the two ... get this gold edition. The sound is better and the show is better. This is also one of the few Hemisphere Tour bootlegs which represents the entire show. This one is a winner folks. This show should DEFINITELY be a part of your bootleg collection.    (1999-04-01)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8)

An excellent recording and a required live recording if you are a true Rush fan. The sound quality is soundboard, a bit dry, but definitely a soundboard. What makes Cygnus Gold special is a couple of things. One, it is as much of the show as is known to exist. Two, since the original source had sections of Hemispheres missing, the producer filled in the missing material from another show, that of the Chicago show. You can definitely tell when that happens. Given at the time this was produced there weren't any other Hemispheres tour shows in which to do that. Now, though, there are other shows whose fidelity is similar enough that the trick would have worked better. Either way, a lot of work went into this production and you should get a copy of this show.    (1999-04-01)

Bill Girton
   (Audio - 9)

All of the comments for Cygnus X Story apply to this title. The only difference is that the missing pieces of the show have been spliced with another show to make it complete. That show is the December '78, Chicago, Illinois show. The quality is not even close to that of the Tucson show. The splice during Hemispheres is pretty good and is not that noticeable. The 2112 one is. If you are a purest and don't like the idea of mixing shows then this is not for you. If you want a great sounding Hemispheres show but just can't live with the missing parts of the Tucson show then this is the show for you.    (1999-04-01)

   (Audio - 9)

From just looking at the setlist of this bootleg, i could tell that this was going to be a great recording. I've always wanted to hear a live version of hemispheres, although im used to hearing the entire thing in one piece. this is a greta album and i suggest you listen to it, or elese you are not a true Rush fan.    (2008-03-26)

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