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A Taste Of Earthly Luminescence


Media: 1 DVDr Video
Time: 74:00
Catalog: AppleJack Studios: D020712-01
Source: Audience (Camcorder)
Date: July 12, 2002
Location: Tweeter Center, Mansfield, Massachusetts, USA

Secret Touch
Red Sector A
Leave That Thing Alone
The Rhythm Method
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx
La Villa Strangiato
The Spirit Of Radio
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Cygnus X-1
Working Man

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Average Rating:Audio: 9
Video: 9

AppleJack Studios
   (Audio - 9, Video - 9)

This single disc DVD presents the final 74 minutes of the Mansfield, MA show. The audio is dubbed in sync from the excellent Sirius Record release "Earthly Luminescence". Because the audience camcorder footage only captured the last part of the show, the release is aptly titled "A Taste of... Earthly Luminescence". After a few rough spots with camera ducks and other obstructions early in the first few tracks of disc, the filmer settles in quite nicely for the duration and does a really nice job capturing things. Of course the audio is superb throughout, so this is one of those discs that I'll put on while I'm doing the dishes and by the time I'm done the filmer is dialed in and I'm ready to sit and enjoy the rest of the show on the couch. Thanks go to Boo Kitty for the camcorder footage, Sirius Records for the audio and artwork, and to Rusher Man for coordinating things nicely. As always, this AppleJack Studios release is for free trade only.

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