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Behold Our Fire


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-30788
Source: Audience (1st gen VHS)
Date: March 07, 1988
Location: Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Big Money   6:07
Subdivisions   5:19
Limelight   4:42
Marathon*   5:51
Turn the Page   4:54
Prime Mover   5:31
The Manhattan Project   5:08
Closer to the Heart   4:16
Red Sector A   5:43
Force Ten   5:04
Time Stand Still   5:27

Distant Early Warning   5:35
Lock and Key   6:18
Mission   6:07
Territories   6:21
YYZ*   2:48
Drum Solo   5:53
Red Lenses   0:22
The Spirit of Radio   4:58
Tom Sawyer   5:47
2112/Overture/Temples of Syrinx   4:59
La Villa Strangiato   5:14
In the Mood   2:35
Jazz Bass   0:51

2f2da89f902c94257d3c26b4ced30da7 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t01.shn
e82cf2cd9f665c8f3260322f4fa4cce4 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t02.shn
f058d7da2b21b4cad369e3216aea16cb *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t03.shn
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3c653c83587a6722f292b618bbe47f16 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t05.shn
60c815ffa69b866700104a4fb024d900 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t06.shn
118ca5367e4e6cfdff86d8e81a2733dc *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t07.shn
1357853d641222bdbe9fc5684edd112e *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t08.shn
145cbd422572851e98e3a8ffe627542b *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t09.shn
bf5690ec8af658cca023d0e2c855f5b8 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t10.shn
071efa1bf566eb8ec17f292ff0cf6ff3 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d1t11.shn

2720834c41c43d832d25ec71e76df3ee *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t01.shn
793d1ed88eaaaeafc76398d91657ff3b *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t02.shn
c2d3a0c1355a7961f9a25db3171b9b85 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t03.shn
003b1f7daec7810043cf817676b04544 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t04.shn
ce39628ddf73479488557f0830bd6408 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t05.shn
1f98eba1734da6c087b90d0d24e0f453 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t06.shn
3b71b06e82d0b76a91df358a30c4e2ec *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t07.shn
2b36052101d448a0a0b715e33ff64682 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t08.shn
d40809241689d2bfe0a896bc3d413b99 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t09.shn
931a3abc47d3a918a99e55da975f92a7 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t10.shn
d945087d9aae17eef327a11fb08c74d6 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t11.shn
a3d755bc9fa4c016348840e04530b4e5 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t12.shn
17676c54111c65576fa3443b9832a580 *Rush_19880307_BOF_d2t13.shn

Rush Behold Our Fire back thumbnail.jpg
Rush Behold Our Fire back.jpg
Rush Behold Our Fire front thumbnail.jpg
Rush Behold Our Fire front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 6.5)

Taken from a 1st gen VHS, this is a pretty decent sounding mono recording. Because of the camcorder technology of the time, there isn't much low bass (<50hz) or much highend (>13khz). What is present actually sounds pretty good and solid. The band is well resolved and the audience is well behaved around the taper during the songs. There are a couple minor cuts*, but nothing devistating. This is available mainly as an audio CD companion to the DVD version. No hiss or noise reduction was used during the remastering process. However, a 60hz cycle noise re-equalization was performed to remove camcorder motor induced noise. Once again, special thanks to Derek for lending me the VHS tape used for this production. (November 2003)    (2003-11-01)

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