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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 79:12, 79:36,
Catalog: BumbleBee Productions: 2004-14
Source: Audience (Reel-to-Reel)
Audience (DAT master)
Date: July 19, 2002
Location: Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Three Stooges Intro   0:24
Tom Sawyer   4:55
Distant Early Warning   5:01
New World Man   4:03
Roll the Bones   6:06
Earthshine   6:15
YYZ   4:54
The Pass   5:07
Bravado   5:56
The Big Money   6:18
Between Sun and Moon   4:56
Vital Signs   4:54
Natural Science   8:25
One Little Victory   6:30
Driven   5:21

Ghost Rider   5:55
Secret Touch   6:57
Dreamline   5:14
Red Sector A   5:15
Leave That Thing Alone   4:52
O Baterista   7:56
Resist   4:32
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:49
Limelight   4:30
La Villa Strangiato   9:05
The Spirit of Radio   5:32
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:27
Cygnus X-1   3:10
Working Man   5:16

de52281f64a4499b1373cf83ba2ac8c8 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t01.shn
051a5d28cb26b1dac953281d5e389d17 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t02.shn
0e92fa7fe7dd95c45d2adf38f4af8428 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t03.shn
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5ad88de7e0d799bde7c1eaaedf64f5f1 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t05.shn
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cbb62115d4a646523bf943ffd7adb4f4 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t07.shn
3ff289099ea38f63fef52dd3d7ae6e34 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t08.shn
27dd4a5c691eb915c655dd22cda56596 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t09.shn
ce66a10b4614ce1d57b20ffae74d13b9 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t10.shn
b8060e7bc873b5e0aeeb7d118c251124 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t11.shn
b72bf1addde5e4121cefe8857c84e8b3 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t12.shn
9698eb70435ab628775cbfa01cb41b15 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t13.shn
da788a3ac22aed8fb8bacbd1bb8bb756 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t14.shn
acbde74df113a46ebdefa275fda19217 *rush2002-07-19akg414d1t15.shn

06b7120b43da2cab4c0d7c2229315bcf *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t01.shn
32f56430f9c8144efadf07e0b96d5596 *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t02.shn
19c21808c67ebb60a3854436e8918654 *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t03.shn
ef1667826e1bf19c9f8c6d0003111a9c *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t04.shn
c4ab22e213d556c81e99326bcb4fd48c *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t05.shn
97fec626e7492eb62b2f69f72adc8a98 *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t06.shn
07c1e62986c274c86c3ff1063e1d4772 *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t07.shn
96c79f632ab8b829ee8026dd82879e85 *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t08.shn
5934b7ac83149165c3cf406e18c485de *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t09.shn
1cade64e2514cdc3453f2e32c6b54c84 *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t10.shn
f9248076d8939af999318fa0d5e6d87e *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t11.shn
9d9a5e92ea41eec3cf6356037d1066c8 *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t12.shn
1de7c8700ecb9792a2f649abed6f2c15 *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t13.shn
5c1c059fa66fb894f70234f8235ac36e *rush2002-07-19akg414d2t14.shn

VT The Earth Shines Back Thumbnail.jpg
VT The Earth Shines Back.jpg
VT The Earth Shines Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT The Earth Shines Front.jpg
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Average Rating:Audio: 9.5


Source: Audience (Reel-to-Reel). AKG C 414 B-ULS > Nagra IV-S
Patch Source: "A Dry Kind of Humid" Sirius Records SIR0580/0581 (Audience DAT Master)
Transfer: Nagra IV-S > Naim Audio NAC-52 preamp > Marantz CDR-600 mkII > CDR
Remaster lineage: SHN > WAV > CoolEditPro 1.2a > CDWav > SHN (mkwACT)

This recording is amazing! The show was recorded on a Nagra IV-S reel-to-reel recorder with AKG C 414 B-ULS large diaphram condenser mics. There is much warmth in the all of the audio range with superb dynamics throughout. The warm, but powerful bass, has great extensions, and Geddy's bass really cuts through nicely with an added punch. Neil's drums are pounding, and Alex is very even in the mix. The stereo separation is good with great details in both channels. However, due to the time limitation of the medium used, there were several cuts within the recording. Said cuts were patched with parts of "A Dry Kind of Humid" production, thanks to the courtesy of Sirius Records.

Mended patches can be found in the following tracks:

-3 Stooges Intro > Tom Sawyer
-The Big Money > Between Sun and Moon
-Dragon Intro > One Little Victory
-Red Sector A
-TSOR > By-Tor and the Snow Dog
-Cygnus X-1 > Working Man

Most patches last for only about a minute or so, with the longest being just over 2 minutes. All of the patchworks were performed on CEP Multitrack editor. Amplitudes were adjusted accordingly.? In terms of EQ, I added just a slight bit of highend for some crispness and increased the vocal range to bring Geddy up in the mix. Lastly, the bass was brought down by few dBs. Several amplitude adjustments were made and the entire show was normalized fully to 0dB.? Sincere thanks goes out to R.B. for a truly great recording for fans to enjoy.?? Please do not convert to MP3 or other lossy formats and TRADE FREELY.?    (2004-04-18)

   (Audio - 9.5)

This recording is darn near unbelievable. How the taper managed to use such equipment and get such a great recording is beyond me. This is to me THE 2002 recording to get. True is was not complete and need some patch work and I am very grateful Sirius allowed their Dry Kind Of Humid to be used. I loved A Dry Kind Of Humid and still do but this recording is even nicer. A couple of great, great recording of the same night. If you get one recording from 2002 make it this one.   (2005-06-29)

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