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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 45:38, 45:31
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 12078
Source: Soundboard (1st gen)
Date: November 20, 1978
Location: Tucson Convention Center Arena, Tucson, Arizona, USA

Intro   0:49
Anthem   4:10
A Passage to Bangkok   4:12
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   5:09
Xanadu   12:58
Something for Nothing   4:22
The Trees   4:29
Cygnus X-1   9:30

Hemispheres   16:20
Closer to the Heart   3:37
Circumstances   4:01
A Farewell to Kings   5:23
La Villa Strangiato   9:43
2112   6:27

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Average Rating:Audio: 8.25

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

This particular source is taken from a very high quality 1st gen soundboard recording. It still has the same problems as other sources of this show, namely the edit in Hemispheres and it isn't the complete show fading out after Temples of Syrinx. But, the sound of this show is superior to any before released commercial version, sound quality is honestly on par with the likes of "La Villa Strangiato" from the St. Louis 1980 show. The tape hiss is almost none existent and the high end is incredibly clear and bright. Until someone finds the full source for this show, this is a definitive version.    (2000-05-10)

Ron's Rush RoIO Guide
   (Audio - 8)

If there is ever an award for the most-often-upgraded bootleg, this one is sure to win. This show has gone from a partial, distorted source to finally (in May 2000) the full, glorious-sounding show. Amazing how much better a bootleg can sound when produced properly! My first exposure to this bootleg was with the "Cygnus" disc. The difference between that boot and this source is like night and day. This is a remarkably clean bootleg that came straight from the soundboard. The sound is nothing short of stellar ? you can hear every nuance of the band's playing here. It's especially sweet to hear Alex's guitar here, as he seems to have attained the perfect effects balance on this night. The show is also a bit unusual in that Geddy delivers a severe reprimand to the crowd, who apparently is pushing quite a bit at the start of the show. Interestingly enough, this tape reveals that one of the road crew (Skip Glidersleeve? Liam Burt?) also asks the crowd to move back. This was deleted from every other source. The only real flaws are a cut in the middle of "Hemispheres" and at the end of "Cygnus X-1." Even considering gems such as the 12/2/78 and 5/28/79 soundboard shows, this one gets my vote for the best sound. Very similar to the show reviewed above, except that this is the best of the partial sources (I guess we can expect a platinum edition soon). Dan and I obtained our respective 1st gen tapes at roughly the same time. His production is very slightly warmer with less edge than mine. Almost identical in sound and very highly recommended. The setlist is the same.    (2000-05-10)

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