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The Bravado Returns


Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 60:13, 62:46
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR-31292
Source: Audience (8mm Master)
Audience (analog master)
Date: March 12, 1992
Location: Broome County Arena, Binghamton, New York, USA

Intro   0:20
Force Ten   4:43
Limelight   4:22
Freewill   4:03
Distant Early Warning   4:27
Time Stand Still   6:01
Dreamline   5:02
Bravado   6:53
Roll The Bones   6:14
Show Don't Tell   6:17
The Big Money   6:13
Ghost Of A Chance   5:33

Subdivisions   4:07
The Pass   4:57
Where's My Thing   5:29
The Rhythm Method   7:30
Closer to the Heart   4:40
Xanadu   6:54
Superconductor   5:04
Tom Sawyer   6:08
The Spirit of Radio   4:52
2112   3:18
Finding My Way   2:06
La Villa Strangiato   3:13
Anthem   1:42
Red Barchetta   1:32
The Spirit Of Radio (reprise)   1:08

7ce4bf915362763b6d64fb2f05337fd7 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T01.shn
86c10f8786dfe18340ab800413ad2db7 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T02.shn
69249a188d22893e06135e4669633361 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T03.shn
382264193d7c5c68fc5593784099edea *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T04.shn
621959caad1d0cf99389b58314dc062c *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T05.shn
b9e437b0df9e19c6d46476918a0e9e30 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T06.shn
ba73db60166d374d77c341dd3467fd07 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T07.shn
bca0288865214b0668998fca15d75950 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T08.shn
b6dfa64780eb4d99a8f85d6850ab981e *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T09.shn
ac42eead0059c40eaff0abbd1448f494 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T10.shn
4d359f29f531d6ee554af7a4e9cb85fd *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T11.shn
e73a7f71533bf3dcad0c3ff18e26157d *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D1T12.shn

09edf5f808d88d8fd13d8be1f81e3b0e *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T01.shn
2b75de82f12ac0740a1569e57bac30c6 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T02.shn
a2f52e9e85a27358ff5cc87295ef318b *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T03.shn
5aac502c4a41a19270f8672e6df990d5 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T04.shn
d10f47f94c8888ed5b54502b5d1f6c29 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T05.shn
3cccbf67f03fa62cff5a65ab58d8402e *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T06.shn
e69c3e3960146c1b3a7dfbbec9f52815 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T07.shn
f86378abcc0b2ba56643af460927c536 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T08.shn
0546924d7c4e6ba1f2fa7a249055fbbb *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T09.shn
9f54130b97a08a2b1ca8ca02a710d1c6 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T10.shn
b4c7b9a6dbff14279862cdf3410cf3aa *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T11.shn
9552b25ee1ebca5e8bd3968d49ac7879 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T12.shn
665a81a31d19d4a395049bd5ab356185 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T13.shn
d51b6b7bf3b4aa8aaced49e5f453c6c4 *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T14.shn
23d2b99ffec2f3d98e2a351422a59bfe *RUSH_1992-03-12_TBR_D2T15.shn

Rush The Bravado Returns back thumbnail.jpg
Rush The Bravado Returns back.jpg
Rush The Bravado Returns front thumbnail.jpg
Rush The Bravado Returns front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

This is an interesting production in that two sources were used. There was an analog master clone and a 8mm to Digital8 clone. There is a pronounced sound difference between the two with the 8mm source being far superior in stereo separation, brightness and clarity. The analog master's sound is more distant with less stereo separation and slightly muffled by comparison; though it is very clean, hiss free and undistorted. The analog master does serve a purpose. The first couple minutes of Freewill and all of Bravado are missing from the 8mm source. I used the analog master to fill in those parts (both for the DVD and the CD versions of this show). And that is where the title is derived from, the return of Bravado to the set list.

While not the best RtB cd audio out there, it is still a very good sounding show with a nice, well balanced mix. No noise or hiss reduction was used during the remastering process. Thanks to NYBG for the Digital8 clone of the master 8mm source. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade and blank media trade only. Please keep the spirit of trading alive and well. Should you ever see these recordings being sold on Ebay, please be kind and point out to the bidders that they can get these releases for free.    (2002-09-01)

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