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Project R30: Las Vegas


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 77:34, 48:30, 58:21
Catalog: BumbleBee Productions: 2004-21
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: July 17, 2004
Location: MGM Grand Arena, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

Intro   2:48
R30 Overture/Finding My Way/Anthem/Bastille Day/A Passage to Bangkok/Cygnus X-1/Hemispheres: Prelude   6:32
The Spirit of Radio   5:02
Force Ten   4:43
Animate   5:50
Subdivisions   5:54
Earthshine   6:14
Red Barchetta   6:53
Roll the Bones   6:08
Bravado   6:11
YYZ   4:50
The Trees   5:44
The Seeker   3:44
One Little Victory   6:54

Darn That Dragon Intro   5:35
Tom Sawyer   5:00
Dreamline   5:09
Secret Touch   7:34
Between the Wheels   5:58
Mystic Rhythms   5:23
Red Sector A   5:10
O Baterista   8:38

Resist   4:47
Heart Full of Soul   2:49
2112: Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:10
La Villa Strangiato   9:45
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:36
Xanadu   6:57
Working Man   7:02
Summertime Blues   3:49
Crossroads   3:12
Limelight   4:50
Outro   2:17

3543b1f0d532e04eb13fc68eeca45698 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t01.shn
c4e012895830bfc3aff8823f209e8543 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t02.shn
1189e9837f40e41312719f0bbb19b576 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t03.shn
d4cb288d1d84bd3edc8bed2df2c974f2 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t04.shn
7f99259107feaec7aa67dbfb84540cc4 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t05.shn
eb1e96dd38f9c25022c0f20abb509629 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t06.shn
e9a543378bb617d368bfbce3b63b27f2 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t07.shn
30b797fd249c419d8988903848a4feef *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t08.shn
dee5fd635ee5a9c18fbc87875c4bd404 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t09.shn
89d37bb01f45501e4bd7bc907571c65f *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t10.shn
d22a47af56259868efe37d9281d8beb4 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t11.shn
a9c172418ac2b0dd78022fef415dc847 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t12.shn
3ca1d8b348a5b580eb19a2e954070598 *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t13.shn
e6a0cd1d41da6f1bfcfb3937909a90ea *rush2004-07-17at853hd1t14.shn
a8fc58243cb1bfb8792cc2e3d853dfdc *rush2004-07-17at853hd2t01.shn
91482562334c9c9010db63fa9ffe21ae *rush2004-07-17at853hd2t02.shn
83f63f2f6d2c2e34217fe8ad1a364959 *rush2004-07-17at853hd2t03.shn
3e0a236bc59dd8d79e87a2a3595f65de *rush2004-07-17at853hd2t04.shn
f2286bcf942125d82c326e62c55e9889 *rush2004-07-17at853hd2t05.shn
4cc10b4084b9afa5dd4322a88a379a80 *rush2004-07-17at853hd2t06.shn
9a977343ed81587fd43a0d0b572d24aa *rush2004-07-17at853hd2t07.shn
98f4d82331d7412e357dbaee07f9d60b *rush2004-07-17at853hd2t08.shn
2cd47909805b959bcd7e855abc0ff5cb *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t01.shn
e476bb8a32aeec5528dd2cc0a3bb922d *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t02.shn
2a776c822e7a4292b1996b5a70b7bbfc *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t03.shn
15f6b937675658510c9043a28aca5430 *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t04.shn
1446d1e9439dd6e9daf0a6da211196db *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t05.shn
a582ec4e0be27558f96a7075b4f9f3e3 *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t06.shn
0dd30d000196b1fe5b9fdc3bc4fe0ffa *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t07.shn
97c885a4509aaa6da173b472b353a132 *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t08.shn
a87a9030cacd2489d8df93f3aa6b4169 *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t09.shn
38834a3b18b7ca750c3f5458dabf7b64 *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t10.shn
96c3c69bd05e190981ce8b35f25fcb7c *rush2004-07-17at853hd3t11.shn

R30 Project R30 LasVegas Back Thumbnail.jpg
R30 Project R30 LasVegas Back.jpg
R30 Project R30 LasVegas Front Thumbnail.jpg
R30 Project R30 LasVegas Front Tray.jpg
R30 Project R30 LasVegas Front.jpg
R30 Project R30 LasVegas Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.916666666666666


Source: Audio Technica AT853 hyper-cardioid > AT8533 > Beyerdynamic MV-100 (48V phantom, +20dB) > Sony PCM-M1. Section Floor L, Row C, DFC!!? Transfer: Sony PCM-R500 > Canare AES/EBU > S/PDIF > M-Audio DeltaDio 2496 > CDWave > CoolEditPro 1.2a > CDWave > SHN (mkwACT)

This release is dedicated to all the Hubbies (Rush DC Hubsters) who invaded Las Vegas to witness Rush's great performance on a hot and humid July evening.? Thanks (once again) to Charles C., Ledzepzoso and I gave up our much closer seats for Section L seats. We were DEAD F'IN CENTER (DFC)!!! If you drew an imaginary line from the SBD to Neil, the line would split mine and Ledzepzoso's seats.? I approximate that we were approximately 25' in FOB, almost dead center of the arena.? The mix was no doubt awesome from where we were sitting. The bass was brutally punchy and the highs were detailed crisp.? This show was the first indoor show of the R30 Tour, and I decided to run the hyper-cardioids to reject some of the hall ambiance.? Geddy's vocals are not as defined as the Anitoch show in May, but his bass really comes through nicely.
Lastly, there was a group of "backup singers" behind us chanting and singing. However, they're somewhat back in the mix.

Mastering notes include: slight mid-bass cut and high end boost, channel balancing and some basic cleanup.
Few amplitude adjustments were made and the entire show was normalized fully to 0dB.

Lastly, a sincere thanks to my taping bud, Ledzepzoso, who endured MANY roadtrips to way-too-many cities in our quest of that "perfect tape"!? Please do not convert to MP3 or other lossy formats and TRADE FREELY.    (2004-07-28)

   (Audio - 9)

Another excellent recording from the R30 tour. This will be one of the few US shows that is recorded indoors, so you get that "arena ambience" that can't be captured from an outdoor venue. Whether that is a pro or con is up to you. The recording captured everything nicely. The mid-range bass is quite strong, and it tends to drown out the vocals at times. A very minor complaint as the overall sound is great! The performance is energetic and you also get quite a bit of audience participation. They are never heavy in the mix so it adds some nice ambience.    (2004-09-02)

   (Audio - 8)


Sean Highkin
   (Audio - 10)

An AMAZING show from the R30 tour. Rivals "30 Years Strong" as best overall boot from this tour. Sound is PERFECT and crystal-clear the whole way through. A must-have boot.   (2004-10-23)

Red Barketta
   (Audio - 9.5)

Great show, hands down.   (2007-01-21)

Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 8)

When introducing "Subdivisions", Geddy says that this next song comes from Subdivisions album; then, he corrects himself. Alex performs during two minutes a serious discussion between two bugs (two bees I think). Besides those two moments, nothing more to point out about this audience recording.   (2007-08-07)

Rob Mullen
   (Audio - 9)

Excellent show...excellent recording. We were at this show, my 1st RUSH show, though I've been a fan for years.    (2007-08-28)

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