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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 59:54, 60:21, 48:43
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 10196-4
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Audience (DAT Master)
Date: November 01, 1996
Location: Bradley Center, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Taper Talk   1:00
2001 Intro   1:36
Dreamline   5:05
The Big Money   7:03
Driven   5:08
Half The World   4:00
Red Barchetta   6:57
Animate   6:57
Limbo   5:26
The Trees   5:25
Red Sector A   5:22
Virtuality   5:55

Nobody's Hero   5:35
Closer to the Heart   5:08
2112   21:02
Intermission   3:45
Test for Echo   7:20
Subdivisions   5:43
Freewill   5:45
Roll the Bones   6:02

Time and Motion   5:24
Leave That Thing Alone   4:44
The Rhythm Method   7:52
Natural Science   8:07
Force Ten   4:49
The Spirit of Radio   4:59
Tom Sawyer   6:47
YYZ   4:28
Cygnus X-1   1:34

20930e395ba32720d6f7de5bafd65f12 *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t01.shn
df0ab4fa58a454ff6a863850dfff34c4 *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t02.shn
4618c97fcdafea0e81689027c5857e70 *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t03.shn
388f62f54dc3d038165aae78b5c09f88 *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t04.shn
585dc156f53e0be56d173c56ea895205 *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t05.shn
f752da51a10ad4b00d485a64c481effd *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t06.shn
833e9909ede6072a5497eb60a1781e90 *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t07.shn
1afa778a4a29340f57ad1899799f7683 *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t08.shn
ff82178378ae441f3314ae7f666957fd *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t09.shn
dc53d087f6a8882ab8d231805bade79d *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t10.shn
1fde11f08235b7240c40830f43df63fc *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t11.shn
544d3cd56f934cfd3a10124eeacdbe47 *Rush_19961101_MB_d1t12.shn
dad12559ae4836cf069a144008947f95 *Rush_19961101_MB_d2t01.shn
fea56173969334767c25b1163f13708f *Rush_19961101_MB_d2t02.shn
0542d17fcd881ee2c7f700b7707fd363 *Rush_19961101_MB_d2t03.shn
1b39ceca6ad599086812d166f8f41787 *Rush_19961101_MB_d2t04.shn
c36ed68aad127a0f18573dd71346699c *Rush_19961101_MB_d2t05.shn
bdac95bf648e28ae6fe3b9c178943830 *Rush_19961101_MB_d2t06.shn
67d9cfeaa9d0651d5d66274728a83800 *Rush_19961101_MB_d2t07.shn
f4ca7411c62b6ef248a2d1c2b682861f *Rush_19961101_MB_d2t08.shn
a6dea5946757265ea2f4991d81b4a4a9 *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t01.shn
0c23863416e902d08ad775bf501e1aa8 *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t02.shn
bba90091fd59eb0c713eea85d65e1571 *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t03.shn
ce26817d55771aca381183f9c81c757f *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t04.shn
239edefb305b9a9d8af85e4a5ba8918d *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t05.shn
6cc9f3af661cf556260fcc8a7d521f4e *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t06.shn
9a52a68c96b3ea48f24ff4bb3fe3a038 *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t07.shn
cd474bba9d9153b8f0a7264d9de457ef *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t08.shn
1553e49cec49d2c137eb130c41e78904 *Rush_19961101_MB_d3t09.shn

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Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

Ron's Rush RoIO Review

One of the many shows out there from the first leg of the TFE tour.? Milwaukee is always a good gig for Rush, and they seem to be particularly up for this show, especially Geddy who is very talkative on this night.? This show is somewhat special, because it features Time and Motion, which would eventually be dropped.? This is a strange-sounding show.? The volume starts off almost inaudible, but gradually gets louder, until it sounds normal by the fourth or fifth song. That?s really the only problem, but it prevents this show from being graded higher.? I must say, that the stuff at normal volume sounds great, and this is probably my favorite version of 2112 from this tour.    (2002-05-10)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

This is a matrix recording comprising all DAT master sources.? Both of the sources are audience sources.? The matrix itself is quite clear and a better sum than its parts. One audience recording had great low end and the other had a great high end.? At times, the matrix recording sounds much deeper and wider than an average audience recording.? The special event about this concert is a rare performance of "Time and Motion", and so far the best sounding version.? I would like to thank FrankM for the kindly donating the sources used on this project.? Once again, keep the spirit of trading alive, don't sell, buy, or distribute for profit this free trade show.    (2002-05-10)

   (Audio - 8.5)

WOW!! Nice result from a matrix of 2 audience recordings. "Time and Motion" really shines and Geddy is very talkative this night. The overall sound is EX-/EX quality with a good balance of punchy mids and nice highs. The ONLY drawback to the show is the occasional drop-outs of one of the source used in the matrix. You can hear the sound changing (which only lasts for a fraction of a second). The most notable location is 15:18 minutes into 2112 with other incidences being very minor. Otherwise, this would be a fantastic sounding show. I would rate this show below the Landover '96 (An Absolut Rush) show and slightly better than the Atlanta '96 (A Farewell to Omni) show. THIS SHOW CAN BE OBTAINED FOR FREE THROUGH TRADING.    (2002-05-10)

   (Audio - 8.5)

I was quite happy the way this turned out. I thought both DAT recording sources were pretty solid on their own, not the best but far from the worse. I never imagined matrixing them, although, today that is becoming more common place. The result of the matrix was quite nice. This recording is complete from beginning to end and sounds very nice. I doubt you'd be disappointed. Rush always puts on a great show in Milwaukee, Milwaukee is a Rush town. This night was no different. Sounds great. As an aside, I was front row infront of Alex and although you can't hear it on the recording, I really liked the Pamela Anderson cardboard cutout that was behind him throughout the show. :)   (2004-09-02)

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