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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-027
Source: Audience Master DAT
Date: May 29, 2004
Location: Verizon Wireless Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA

Finding My Way
Bastille Day
A Passage to Bangkok
Cygnus X-1
Hemispheres Prelude
The Spirit of Radio
Force 10
Red Barchetta
Roll the Bones
The Trees
The Seeker
One Little Victory

Tom Sawyer
Secret Touch
Between the Wheels
Mystic Rhythms
Red Sector A
Drum Solo

Heart Full of Soul
2112 Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale
La Villa Strangiato
By-Tor and the Snow Dog
Working Man
Summertime Blues

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Girls Gone Wild Back.jpg
Girls Gone Wild Cover.jpg
Girls Gone Wild Disc1.jpg
Girls Gone Wild Disc2.jpg
Girls Gone Wild Disc3.jpg
Girls Gone Wild Foldout.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7.642857142857143

Taper's Notes

I initially set the recording level at 4.I noticed that the levels were averaging "8" and peaking at "4" and lowered it down to 3 maybe somewhere halfway through the first set. I left it at this until maybe about halfway through the 2nd set where I checked it out and it seemed as if it was averaging at "12". I then moved it up maybe to 3.5. This seemed to be the sweet spot for this venue. No wind to speak of at all (there are no sides to this arena...only a roof) so no issues there.

Regarding the Crowd noise. There was essentially nobody in front of us, so no issues that way. There *were* some screamers to the rear of me and some to the side. For the most part, they kept their screaming to between songs.
Although there were a few exceptions to this.

The band played *incredible* best sound I've heard yet from them. Great mix. They almost fell apart in the beginning of Subdivisions (alex came in late I think), some weirdness in the beginning of Red Barchetta (cant say what..but something sounded a bit different), a horrendous bad opening note by alex during RSA, and the infamous swing section cue of Neil's solo just not functioning. Other than that.the guys had a really good time playing.

Everything went right with this show...great performance, great taping and not-to-obnoxious crowds. A great time!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases! As is the Simple Man norm, this show is available on Direct Connect and will be traded freely to all comers.    (2004-07-10)

   (Audio - 7)



This show overall simply sounds great. The mix is just right, vocals, guitars, drums all up front a nice and clear, my hats off to the taper. The band sound animated, hitting their strides third show into the tour. Highly recommended    (2004-10-20)

Sean Highkin
   (Audio - 8)

Decent audience recording from the R30 tour. Instrument separation is pretty good, and the crowd is well-behaved. Not a bad show to get if you come across it, but the best R30 shows are still "30 Years Strong" and "Project R30: Las Vegas."   (2004-10-23)

Sean Highkin
   (Audio - 8)

Decent audience recording from the R30 tour. Instrument separation is pretty good, and the crowd is well-behaved. Not a bad show to get if you come across it, but the best R30 shows are still "30 Years Strong" and "Project R30: Las Vegas."   (2004-10-23)

Robert Mooty
   (Audio - 8)

I really enjoyed listening to this show. It is more upfront and clear than 69ing. As for the flub at the beginning of Subdivisions, believe it or not Neil came in early! It was still a great performance overall. Trade freely!   (2004-11-01)

   (Audio - 8)


Glen Valentine
   (Audio - 7.5)

Well for my first show that I have listened to, and being there I say it was very good. I was there at this show and we were well behaved that night. I traveled from NC to Va Beach the day before and was looking foward to this show. The recording brought me back to that day, I was probably one of the screamers! I definetly recommend this show.   (2005-01-13)

Aramis K.V.A.
   (Audio - 7)

Nice sounding boot; Geddy is clear enough, although some overdubbed vocals are not quite captured. Take as example “Force Ten”, which is well known for having this type of effect. The keyboard is clearer than the rest of the instruments at some points. There is a trainwreck (or miscue to be fair) in “Subdivisions” where Neil gets in before time, but the guys get back in track. Alex rant is quite sharp in “Bravado” and “YYZ”, but the main problem is that it is consistently distant throughout the set; additionally, in “Between the Wheels”, his solo is not fully appreciated. “Red Sector A” is preceded by a feedback from the guitar that provokes a harsh note after the drum strikes the cue. The concert finishes with Mr. Stiller asking the audience to leave; someone from the crowd says “Let’s get the f*** out of here”. Byt eh way, can someone introduce me the girls from the cover? Please…!   (2008-03-27)

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