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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 77:34, 52:50, 57:40
Catalog: BumbleBee Productions: 2004-18
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: May 26, 2004
Location: Starwood Amphitheatre, Antioch, Tennessee, USA

Intro   2:40
R30 Overture: Finding My Way/Anthem/Bastille Day/A Passage to Bangkok/Cygnus X-1/Hemispheres Prelude   6:31
The Spirit of Radio   5:01
Force Ten   4:47
Animate   5:56
Subdivisions   6:30
Earthshine   5:52
Red Barchetta   6:52
Roll the Bones   6:07
Bravado   6:12
YYZ   4:45
The Trees   6:08
The Seeker   3:23
One Little Victory   6:44

Darn That Dragon Intro   10:30
Tom Sawyer   5:01
Dreamline   5:02
Secret Touch   7:13
Between the Wheels   6:11
Mystic Rhythms   5:21
Red Sector A   5:08
O Baterista   8:21

Resist   4:38
Heart Full of Soul   2:48
2112: Overture/The Temples Of Syrinx/Grand Finale   8:07
La Villa Strangiato   9:33
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:28
Xanadu   6:53
Working Man   6:45
Summertime Blues   3:45
Crossroads   3:11
Limelight   4:42
Outro   2:43

02335b0013a7269c86a9f3ea4648037b *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t01.shn
b82989762a9c6716f1c121c0088fdab4 *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t02.shn
65bbcbc3e3ce29766b969ff93e357289 *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t03.shn
9278d5f627973747f2e4428249d15665 *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t04.shn
7433482107cb02f6ae8bb23687497eff *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t05.shn
018a70ffe49b09332e4d010f65f7a2e3 *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t06.shn
4f8dd27bd42bc9cad7725e911b5ffdfc *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t07.shn
98a76e3bc7183591ca071dda4cdacf9c *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t08.shn
51fb6381abb5ce2b9ef0ceefcdef787a *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t09.shn
366aa1492d274931d5e53644a489fb74 *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t10.shn
abee310440c4be8325808e50ef07c464 *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t11.shn
6e1e4f8e0dbce14f9949c010d16cc609 *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t12.shn
2fb9d8eb99e8ee6174fac814ae065db7 *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t13.shn
bd6345182fad8ec19caf6a26b6559a2f *rush2004-05-26at853hd1t14.shn
f2cdb514b8eb6615dc5882b7163fbf77 *rush2004-05-26at853hd2t01.shn
ad94b03ee36ab46c8f42724d48d83269 *rush2004-05-26at853hd2t02.shn
c9d4ba2ee42e1c16a5ac1ac03c8c289f *rush2004-05-26at853hd2t03.shn
087f079b9fd7ba6dd535965d62fa1f3c *rush2004-05-26at853hd2t04.shn
bba8bbb55ffcd02f2e3cbebf118f6c05 *rush2004-05-26at853hd2t05.shn
73201a9d7917dc255c7e15f5c8c8fdd2 *rush2004-05-26at853hd2t06.shn
17039df4411bb90755ee632d374b4e56 *rush2004-05-26at853hd2t07.shn
a13f40d9f5c485f9991a126c3f7ea98c *rush2004-05-26at853hd2t08.shn
32261d6324d433562d6ea5539cd45bce *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t01.shn
9a4bc63a44531ac1355fedbc01804052 *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t02.shn
930c46b1eae563802a9b7af0c518505e *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t03.shn
0b41baa4e47d2ae534fe2bf7589e3c46 *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t04.shn
e50949ca34248ff2340a12845fa50357 *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t05.shn
cafc0549614214edf7e0437b89154566 *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t06.shn
832dc4dea090eed6a6bc692310c8cb67 *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t07.shn
b9ae551310fa378bd8c6d605794f2261 *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t08.shn
a7e38dea4133bb2eefe64bbac61e74ca *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t09.shn
0eec1e681263646acc1964e8b19a4f4d *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t10.shn
4f088c3e295be50fa62d7642935e0c4e *rush2004-05-26at853hd3t11.shn

R30 Project R30 Back Thumbnail.jpg
R30 Project R30 Back.jpg
R30 Project R30 Front Thumbnail.jpg
R30 Project R30 Front Tray.jpg
R30 Project R30 Front.jpg
R30 Project R30 Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5


Source: Audio Technica AT853 hypercardioid > AT8533 > Beyerdynamic MV-100 (48V phantom, +20dB) > Sony PCM-M1. Section 7, Row E
Transfer: Sony PCM-M1 > Oade 7-pin > Audioquest VSD-2 S/PDIF > M-Audio DeltaDio 2496 > CDWave > CoolEditPro 1.2a > CDWave > SHN (mkwACT)

Wow, the opening night of the 30th Anniversary Tour, and the "Fellowship of the M1" was there in full force. I guess you could call this the "Return of the Fellowship"!
I ran my hyper-cardioid capsules because we were in the 2nd tier section (literally) few feet from the soundboard.
The first 60 seconds or so is a patch from an alternate source because I ran just a bit late getting set up.

The mix sounded awesome from where we were sitting, and the recording faithfully represents the beautiful mix at the show. Overall, the highs were crisp, mids are punchy and Geddy really comes through nicely. One detraction is that the 1st set's balance is slightly shifted to the right channel. Also, there is that one certain guy who whistles a lot during the show; however, he's pretty back in the mix. Although, he's a bit annoying.

Mastering notes include: bass cut, mid bass and high end boosts, channel balancing and some basic cleanup.
Few amplitude adjustments were made and the entire show was normalized fully to 0dB.

Lastly, I decided to retain the long "Darn That Dragon" intro to Set II along with the post show music for nostalgic sake.

Please do not convert to MP3 or other lossy formats and TRADE FREELY.


   (Audio - 9)

What a recording. You can not be disappointed with this recording. It is very, very nice. I think I like this recording a shade better than the other recording from the same date, 30 Years Strong, but only a shade. Both recordings are very strong and quite excellent. Project R30 seems to have a bit more depth, maybe it is a tad bit fuller, I don't know how to describe it. I don't want to take anything away from 30 Years Strong because it too is excellent. This recording may just have slightly more body because of the pre-amp used, I'm not certain. This recording is just so good, get it and you'll be happy !   (2004-09-02)

   (Audio - 8)


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