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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 72:23, 68:28
Catalog: GDR: 2-24/25
Source: Audience
Date: November 20, 2002
Location: Est?dio Ol?mpico, Porto Alegre, Brazil

3 Stooges Intro/Tom Sawyer   5:13
Distant Early Warning   4:57
New World Man   4:09
Roll The Bones   6:12
Earthshine   6:09
YYZ   4:43
The Pass   5:03
Bravado   6:17
The Big Money   6:19
The Trees   5:14
Freewill   5:32
One Little Victory   7:17
Driven   5:16

Ghost Rider   6:00
Secret Touch   7:02
Dreamline   5:18
Red Sector A   5:17
Leave That Thing Alone   4:58
The Rhythm Method   8:37
Resist   4:24
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx   6:53
Limelight   4:31
La Villa Strangiato   9:09
The Spirit of Radio   6:17

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Average Rating:Audio: 4.5

   (Audio - 4.5)

Rush's 1st time in the continent of South America and the boys played 3 gigs there, Porto Alegre, Sao Paulo and Rio.? Hope Rush crew had a great time down there and hope the Brazilian fans enjoyed the shows.? Now for the recording.? Where should I start?...Tin can (hell, let's go with the metal garbage can) effect, major bass distortion, shrieking cymbals and of course the digital errors littering this recording.? Also, this is not the full show, missing CTTH, NS and the entire encore (By-Tor, CX1, WM). Believe it or not, it's NOT the worst sounding show from the VT tour...the Sao Paulo recording is even worse (if you can fathom that).? Only for the extreme die hard fans who can endure this 2cd set. Personally, I can handle a VG- recording, but my limitations were met with this one and couldn't do it. May you have lots of cotton balls for your ears.    (2002-12-10)

   (Audio - 4.5)

This is the incomplete Porto Alegre show, the first Rush performance in Brazil. It was the smallest of the Brazilian concerts (around 35.000 people) and also the most behaved crowd Rush faced during their week in South America.

Surprisingly, there's very little talking and audience noise around the taper. You have to remember that, for 99,9% of the people in the stadium (including me!), this was their first Rush concert ever, so you can imagine how everyone was anxious and excited about it. You can tell that whoever produced this boot reduced the audience level a lot... I remember that when Rush started playing "Tom Sawyer" I could hardly hear the band, probably because me and other 35.000 fans were yelling and jumping from excitement. It's also interesting how you can hear the whole stadium going completely nuts at the cool drum parts of "Tom Sawyer".

The boys put out a wonderful performance, which was at same time very technical and full of energy. However, the quality of this recording is really obnoxious. You can distinguish between all instruments, but, as LeeGeddy stated above, there's a LOT of distortion, clicks, digital errors and skips during and between almost all tracks. If it wasn't for those problems, this would surely be at least a VG or a VG/VG+ recording. But they really spoil the listening experience and I would say it's impossible to hear this in a loud volume without getting irritated!

This one is very special to me because it was, like I said, my first Rush concert ever, after a long wait of 9 years. That's the only reason I'm listening to this a lot. "Porto Alegre Trails" is a historic piece of Rush history, but I honestly only recommend it for people who were there, completists and die-hard fans. Well, let's just wait to see how good other sources from this show will be...    (2002-12-10)

   (Audio - 4.5)


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