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Live In Mexico 2002


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 55:02, 65:06, 46:27
Catalog: : No Info Available
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Date: October 05, 2002
Location: Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico

Three Stooges / Tom Sawyer   5:23
Distant Early Warning   5:00
New World Man   4:08
Roll The Bones   6:15
Earthshine   6:23
YYZ   4:40
The Pass   5:18
Bravado   6:17
The Big Money   6:06
The Trees   5:30

Freewill   5:46
Closer to the Heart   3:21
Natural Science   8:18
One Little Victory   5:42
Driven   5:25
Ghost Rider   5:50
Secret Touch   7:04
Dreamline   5:16
Red Sector A   5:16
Leave That Thing Alone / Drum Solo   13:06

Resist   5:09
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:46
Limelight   3:46
La Villa Strangiato   9:25
The Spirit of Radio   5:15
Bytor and the Snow Dog   6:30
Cygnus X-1 / Working Man   9:34

VT Live in Mexico 2002 Back.jpg
VT Live in Mexico 2002 Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Live in Mexico 2002 Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 4.166666666666667

Luis Loyo
   (Audio - 4)

The first Rush show in Mexico ever! This is an audience recording, with the complete show in three discs. The audio suffers from bass distortion, but otherwise every instrument is heard, and the audience doesn't get too much into the recording. This show is worth a listen for a few things: 1. Geddy apologizing to the audience in Spanish for not speaking Spanish. 2. First performance of Closer to the Heart on this tour. 3. Geddy messing up the ending of One Little Victory (two beats behind Alex and Neil). 4. The sound went off for a few seconds during Driven and Working Man (you can hear the audience complaining). 5. Alex's rant, of course!    (2003-04-09)

   (Audio - 4.5)

I can't seem to come up with an appropriate grade for this recording. The mic is just simply overloaded by the bass.? The higher frequencies are captured quite well, but once Neil hits the bass drum.....thuuuuuuuuuuuud.? For completists only.    (2003-04-09)

   (Audio - 4)

This is a curious little release. I think this is from the mini-disc recording that has been floating around, which has some problems. This was sent to me by Luis in Mexico in a trade. He bought it from whomever it is that is selling it down there. He has submitted a review and artwork to the DRE, and asked me to post it here.

This performance is unique for a couple of reasons, as far as I know it is Rush's first trip to Mexico, and it's fun to hear Geddy stumble with a little Spanish. It also represents the first time that "Closer to the Heart" was played on the 2002 VT Tour.

The band seems to be in good spirits, and gives a great performance.

However -

The "low-end" of this recording is heavily distorted - to the point of me being unable to listen to it on my CD Player with headphones. On that player I don't have any way to adjust any EQ features, not even a bass/treble control.

However, on a better stereo system, I was able to pull down the bass significantly, and set the overall volume to a level that let me enjoy much (but not all) of this recording. Unlike some ROIOs, this one sounds better to me a little quieter, rather than louder.

The high-end is very clean, and so it's unfortunate that the opportunity for a better recording was lost to whatever combination of equipment, settings and location caused the low-end distortion. The acoustic guitar introduction to "The Trees" for example, sounds very nice - and then when the bass and drums kick in - it all goes south quickly.

One other thing I have to mention - there are quite a few "unofficial backup singers" that you can hear on the recording. Sometimes they're a welcome addition (Closer to the Heart) and sometimes they're annoying.

All in all - this one is probably relegated to the "completists only" category, and we'll wait and see if someone can clean up this source a little better.    (2003-04-09)

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