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Buenos Noches Mexico


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 72:10, 77:39, 41:23
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 00502-6
Source: Audience (MD Master)
FM Broadcast
Date: October 05, 2002
October 04, 2002
Location: Foro Sol, Mexico City, Mexico
98.5 FM - The Destroyer, Mexico City, Mexico

Three Stooges Intro   0:56
Tom Sawyer   4:56
Distant Early Warning   4:57
New World Man   4:09
Roll The Bones   6:50
Earthshine   5:45
YYZ   4:56
The Pass   5:05
Bravado   6:18
The Big Money   6:12
The Trees   5:11
Freewill   5:44
Closer to the Heart   3:10
Natural Science (cut)   8:01

One Little Victory   5:45
Driven   5:21
Ghost Rider   5:50
Secret Touch   7:05
Dreamline   5:17
Red Sector A   5:18
Leave That Thing Alone   4:55
The Rhythm Method   8:23
Resist   4:35
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:45
Limelight (cut)   3:54
La Villa Strangiato   9:12
The Spirit of Radio   5:19

Bytor and the Snow Dog   5:13
Cygnus X-1   3:10
Working Man   5:38
Radio Interview, Pt. 1   9:13
Radio Interview, Pt. 2   1:58
Radio Interview, Pt. 3   6:55
Radio Interview, Pt. 4   8:11
Radio Announcement   1:05

f429ccd8d3ab0b9bb2775f43de819ef1 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t01.shn
0c9484dfdfdb20721e4260ba60154b38 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t02.shn
f1a3c09a0d5573d1d03a715dad93504a *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t03.shn
d689d190dcac66df9d96b5d30151d5cc *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t04.shn
b99288604159ef916ad3a00c30311aac *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t05.shn
443b7819f55e52c4786ce61c84d7a500 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t06.shn
b73f8784789099fc8e5585bb10b4d8e0 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t07.shn
f69073cdef29b2d06964f36f6e259d0f *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t08.shn
577a7a8b92d5e5cee49e5cb50b38563b *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t09.shn
7645b6be0ea2821c4c7d63066c06f21b *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t10.shn
c1fdfc84eed61c1b007dddbf2a3f3bfe *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t11.shn
dc72af1724b6f024a1dbaac8f7eef67a *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t12.shn
6c6a3df542e44401f0b30d46d0aa4867 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t13.shn
3bad2d6843a843f7826c8eb44d39ce5f *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d1t14.shn

5688ec75927533a54cbc3eb5137df767 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t01.shn
1f812e17985bd781be64c2e282c68a34 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t02.shn
f02acdc55a719d6553f21ae627b6729e *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t03.shn
9ed42981d2d85d033772a228fdfbc53a *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t04.shn
bb508e331b41b2b5a1e130beccbb24a2 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t05.shn
4a35780f4a0d6ea0f001b31850e075b5 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t06.shn
72e6f5c90189045c4a57a528d3e6bfa7 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t07.shn
fc69f27956ba65da2d7f4e4c71c3c1a8 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t08.shn
4c085e657618e89b0314c05867c25559 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t09.shn
2d92cadac2d01eb56437ec48150ca5da *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t10.shn
139c19ffd8493f0d6cca9d667ec9d713 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t11.shn
a2dbbee223b3e939ac1f44e6a5d89a71 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t12.shn
1ab2b7eb432101d17ad12018a752e92c *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d2t13.shn

b3e5ecfc85ee383733dd5e8c72f328b5 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d3t01.shn
4603e1788bbda4a08c4f5df79a7d1581 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d3t02.shn
f6e72f8535a591c9dffaca8469eb00c0 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d3t03.shn
229ed4dd2924752926c2c6cfdfbe7973 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d3t04.shn
5135ba975c64736283478c4432882275 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d3t05.shn
91fd0e7a829d798d53315887207b4244 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d3t06.shn
744a4229c872444e31483ba541efedc4 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d3t07.shn
9daca803d2bce2f8eb773815aded5a07 *Rush_Buenos-Noches-Mexico_d3t08.shn

VT Buenos Noches Mexico Back Thumbnail.jpg
VT Buenos Noches Mexico Back.jpg
VT Buenos Noches Mexico Front Fatboy.jpg
VT Buenos Noches Mexico Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Buenos Noches Mexico Front Tray.jpg
VT Buenos Noches Mexico Front.jpg
VT Buenos Noches Mexico.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 4.5

Taper's Notes

The show was recorded from the 12 row at the right of the stage with a Recording MD Sony MZ-R700 with Core Sound Binaural Mics, onto Sony Premium Discs in LP2 Mode. It was transferred at the PC in the same MD through Opcode SonicPort.

During Driven the sounds disappear but only on the speakers because you?ll hear the band still playing and everybody was wondering What?s going on? And when the music returns the show was like always, amazing, but at the end on Working Man the sounds disappear again but the people didn?t matter, everybody was supporting the band even when they didn?t notice the technical difficulty until the show was over, anyhow the Rush show in Mexico was the best show that I?ve ever seen.    (2003-06-06)

   (Audio - 4.5)

This recording came from a MD master source.? Thanks to the taper, we have a historic event captured on this recording. This is the first time Rush played Mexico and the crowd and the boys seem very excited to be there.? There are some technical problems with the show, the PA goes out once during Driven and twice in Working Man.? As far as sound quality of the recording, the mic is just simply overloaded by the bass.? The higher frequencies are captured quite well, but once Neil hits the bass drum.....thuuuuuuuuuuuud.? It's listenable, but at low volumes (and in the back ground), IMO.? There are MD-disc-change cuts as noted above.? For completists only.? "Muchas gracias" to the taper, Rafael M. for sharing his recording with us Rush fans.? As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only!? Do not buy, sell, or distribute for profit. Help keep the spirit of trading alive and well.    (2003-06-06)

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