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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 67:01, 49:07, 45:52
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience (MD Master)
Date: September 27, 2002
Location: Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

3 Stooges Intro   0:47
Tom Sawyer   4:56
Distant Early Warning   4:58
New World Man   4:10
Roll The Bones   6:10
Earthshine   6:18
YYZ   5:07
The Pass   5:01
Bravado   6:17
The Big Money   6:35
Between Sun and Moon   4:47
Vital Signs   3:56
Natural Science   7:59

One Little Intro   1:10
One Little Victory   5:31
Driven   5:30
Ceiling Unlimited   5:40
Secret Touch   7:01
Dreamline   5:18
Red Sector A   5:16
Leave That Thing Alone   5:03
The Rhythm Method   8:38

Resist   5:00
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:55
Limelight   4:28
La Villa Strangiato   9:47
The Spirit of Radio   6:05
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:42
Cygnus X-1   3:21
Working Man   5:34

b0d0bde229cee10f1c0ad2a047c327d5 *rush_2002-09-27-d1t08.shn
44a195b4dbc21d6a1b9a9c264a8f9cc8 *rush_2002-09-27-d1t02.shn
0c524e2d596b2c6c3b61a47ab9f094ce *rush_2002-09-27-d1t03.shn
4af997d86b85fc10916bd2f1990775dd *rush_2002-09-27-d1t04.shn
5220350dad459d7841c0e7d59c2c9330 *rush_2002-09-27-d1t05.shn
f2ec1c8fbbb851428dbcf1f9e144b350 *rush_2002-09-27-d1t06.shn
5ca632f860928baa7dd217c5adea7391 *rush_2002-09-27-d1t07.shn
a8b38815430e6162132f09373dea02cd *rush_2002-09-27-d1t01.shn
c922c6a818d98e7385aa5965f2e062a1 *rush_2002-09-27-d1t09.shn
b43cbb1c36d6648d2655274e9f70c5dd *rush_2002-09-27-d1t10.shn
1f1a513b89743487757ed542d299fdc3 *rush_2002-09-27-d1t11.shn
8e4679cc1331ed964bc35a710bf34b0a *rush_2002-09-27-d1t12.shn
ce8128669c6d81f71c8f17bb2e2b37e0 *rush_2002-09-27-d1t13.shn

adffa50cae2519d19eb16e711080a6cf *rush_2002-09-27-d2t01.shn
7c5ae69fc1a64346e2b6f83eea8b1c61 *rush_2002-09-27-d2t02.shn
965e03d48d194b3b239b4ab7cc70da94 *rush_2002-09-27-d2t03.shn
a17b2cc404b02874a5f280c65b1ceef0 *rush_2002-09-27-d2t04.shn
b305d7b00ddbc8eff05177db88945fb5 *rush_2002-09-27-d2t05.shn
4111bcce4cd678ed02d7158275581ceb *rush_2002-09-27-d2t06.shn
4e85695193e3ec49c5ca82704f39b9eb *rush_2002-09-27-d2t07.shn
04a07414f4693c995416a6a8a94c478f *rush_2002-09-27-d2t08.shn
af0759da6c08ad173bccc3c206668ac1 *rush_2002-09-27-d2t09.shn

628692f8e5a36ac084d1c7ad2d83a91b *rush_2002-09-27-d3t01.shn
382c524eb167a1cbd849d4220bdfb27e *rush_2002-09-27-d3t02.shn
02f8f2beb07ffae7179082682c20949b *rush_2002-09-27-d3t03.shn
e55f5765a14cb1d8334202a12c13b196 *rush_2002-09-27-d3t04.shn
07752cc67006b4a6e9edcc9c9845345e *rush_2002-09-27-d3t05.shn
9acb6040e2cb3db34aaa7b5e820cc5ec *rush_2002-09-27-d3t06.shn
6519826bceb67eb3f9dfef2e62eb8e16 *rush_2002-09-27-d3t07.shn
b790463ded1faf3b3fd779b14111a189 *rush_2002-09-27-d3t08.shn

VT Bitter Wind and Stormy Skies Back Thumbnail.jpg
VT Bitter Wind and Stormy Skies Back.jpg
VT Bitter Wind and Stormy Skies Front Fatboy.jpg
VT Bitter Wind and Stormy Skies Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Bitter Wind and Stormy Skies Front.jpg
VT Bitter Wind and Stormy Skies.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 8

Taper's Notes
   (Audio - 8)

This was my fifth time seeing Rush, and it was as enjoyable as the last four. They were playing at my personal favorite venue, Cricket Pavilion (formerly Desert Sky Pavilion). My seats weren't exactly the greatest in the house, but far from the worst. I was about 3/4 of the way back in the seated area of the pavilion, and just to the left of center (on Alex's side as looking at the stage). This was my first time taping solo (I usually have my buddy who is a seasoned taper along for assistance), and I had high hopes for this show to come out fantastic. The show was recorded using a Sharp Mini Disc MS722 with Audio Technica AT-853 Cardioid mics. The show started off great with pretty decent sound. Then about halfway through Set 1 a vicious wind storm blew through. It wreaked havoc with the sound across the mics as well as the sound coming out of the speakers. There was a lot of phasing, and I'm still not sure if it was a sound mix problem, or if the sound was playing tricks on my ears due to the wind. I have to guesstimate the wind ripping through the pavilion at 40-50 mph or better. It starts to clear up at the very end of Set 1 and was gone by Set 2. Aside from the wind, I think the sound is great. Like I said this was my first time flying solo, and I had a glitch in the recording. I thought I had turned off the auto track marker on the MD, but I didn't, and it cut off about 2 minutes of Vital Signs. The rest of the recording came out fine. The rant in La Villa was hysterical and is the best version of "SNORING" that I have heard. All in all it was a very fun and enjoyable show, and I cannot wait to see them for the sixth time!    (2003-03-22)

   (Audio - 8)

Severe wind noise in SET 1 (Earthshine > Vital Signs. Please be careful with your volume)...gets much better in SET 2. SET 2 is quite enjoyable. There are skips in Vital Signs (1:11 & 2:05), NS (2:13) (MD skips perhaps?).? Ceiling Unlimited sounds very powerful and has a nice punch!? It was an unfortunate situation with the storm, as this would have been a great recording for everyone's collection.

TECHNICAL NOTES: Cross faded few MD cuts in SET 2. Faded in/out at beginning/ending. Click/pop removal in few places. No other EQ nor processing performed.

MD > CDR by ??.? Sounds like there was an analogue step included: MD > line out > CDR.? CDR > SHN: Plextor 40TSi SCSI > EAC > Cool Edit Pro > CDWav > MKW (SHN)    (2003-03-22)

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