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Philadelphia Freedom


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 79:39, 48:25, 45:50
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-012
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: October 27, 2002
Location: First Union Center, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

3 Stooges Intro   0:53
Tom Sawyer   5:00
Distant Early Warning   5:00
New World Man   4:07
Roll The Bones   6:38
Earthshine   5:44
YYZ   4:50
The Pass   5:06
Bravado   6:25
The Big Money   6:20
The Trees   5:17
Freewill   5:40
Natural Science   8:37

One Little Victory   5:39
Driven   5:14
Ghost Rider   5:58
Secret Touch   7:07
Dreamline   5:20
Red Sector A   5:19
Leave That Thing Alone   5:04
Drum Solo   8:42

Resist   5:16
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:55
Limelight   4:35
La Villa Strangiato   10:02
The Spirit of Radio   5:15
Bytor and the Snow Dog   ;5:00
Cygnus X-1   3:13
Working Man   5:34

5b403d6c322ce811cf3fc728c84a6116 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T01 3 Stooges.shn
5a88c2fba704eaeef408f2992584d8af *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T02 Tom Sawyer.shn
e26d939189232c435aacc9156165f92c *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T03 Distant Early Warning.shn
95fdd374247c42838c7a690a9abcb995 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T04 New World Man.shn
a8cd6914b87bdaf86fbe9d4884c9709c *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T05 Roll the Bones.shn
81b759f0bb3ffe53555ee995375b57c6 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T06 Earthshine.shn
3e5a3c8833a1407369e9e0fe7e384630 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T07 YYZ.shn
f56f7e83c4676d555bcc628fba13178d *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T08 The Pass.shn
c5dfe4fc4edcfa1a836a864bb0b8d526 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T09 Bravado.shn
c65d9a74dede23133f83e1d347b6414b *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T10 The Big Money.shn
5d98077c396350db3f88ba25572ad58e *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T11 The Trees.shn
17949a2f2f2e9a9986b27c645abbd264 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T12 Freewill.shn
9f07c70d92072bda2445476f0be92498 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D1T13 Natural Science.shn

2925c67ef160c4d9b0f95ad8e0abc30c *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D2T01 One Little Victory.shn
85759af890605fcf515c9044694c5433 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D2T02 Driven.shn
3292f5de9ee1437169b53c7d5685c7b2 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D2T03 Ghost Rider.shn
57638dc37171438514d586ea1fa650b7 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D2T04 Secret Touch.shn
d9de9ed1c1b0276af3864f56115d2e43 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D2T05 Dreamline.shn
a91034722c893238e59fd37b64649be9 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D2T06 Red Sector A.shn
4dc511d648f7278024deaaa775b316a7 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D2T07 Leave that Thing Alone.shn
af9680995789198047a9e14124004117 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D2T08 Drum Solo.shn

b46600ddf3657df621caf1b6302dbd72 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D3T01 Resist.shn
ab3480738deb1ee4b0a8ee04e6f5dc9f *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D3T02 2112 Overture The Templs of Syrinx.shn
3de72e31806395f5cfa65613b4f9b3e3 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D3T03 Limelight.shn
93ed6baa6ef64e60fd759651fb80be9b *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D3T04 La Villa Strangiato.shn
f79e0f59eaf35ac5b7793b14a149a5fb *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D3T05 The Spirit of Radio.shn
c23037e7fdbae9020366e5c60dd7e0ba *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D3T06 By-Tor and the Snow Dog.shn
c499d0a607d93f409b94143cf5ad1a4b *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D3T07 Cygnus X-1.shn
30af260908ac59ab56db2cfedb5cea32 *Philadelphia Freedom 10-27-02 D3T08 Working Man.shn

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Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

Production and Taper's Notes
   (Audio - 8.5)

I've had this show for some time obviously but just recently decided to listen to it for the first time and WOW! What a show! The audience is well behaved, especially after the first few songs, the boys are lively and for once, the bass wasn't a problem. All in all a very nice sounding show. Special thanks goes to daneck for the artwork and specifically for his immeasurable patience. T.E.A.M = Together Everyone Assures More.

As is the Simple Man norm, this show is only available for FREE TRADE ONLY. It is currently available on the Rush Traders Direct Connect hub (soon) and several other hubs as well. It is also available for trade and B&P. In addition, it will be posted to in the next day or two. And most importantly please remember, this live unofficial recording was produced by fans for fans. It is never to be sold and only traded freely. If you enjoy this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases.    (2003-06-19)

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