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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 64:59, 70:40, 30:11
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 61397
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Audience (DAT Master)
Scanner (DAT Master Clone)
Date: June 13, 1997
Location: Marcus Amphitheater, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Tune up   0:56
2001 Intro   1:22
Dreamline   5:04
Limelight   4:29
Stick It Out   5:09
Country Music Jam   2:38
Driven   5:15
Half The World   3:55
Red Barchetta   6:58
Animate   6:51
Limbo   5:25
The Trees   5:26
Virtuality   6:20
Nobody's Hero   5:06

Closer to the Heart   5:23
2112   22:10
Test for Echo   7:28
Freewill   5:46
Red Sector A   5:18
Roll the Bones   6:26
Resist   4:26
Leave That Thing Alone   4:47
The Rhythm Method   8:52

Natural Science   8:14
Force Ten   4:45
The Spirit of Radio   4:58
Tom Sawyer   6:27
YYZ   4:23
Cygnus X-1   1:24

T4E Sending Mixed Signals Back Thumbnail.jpg
T4E Sending Mixed Signals Back Tray.jpg
T4E Sending Mixed Signals Back.jpg
T4E Sending Mixed Signals Front Gatefold.jpg
T4E Sending Mixed Signals Front Thumbnail.jpg
T4E Sending Mixed Signals Front Tray.jpg
T4E Sending Mixed Signals Front.jpg
T4E Sending Mixed Signals Gatefold.pdf
T4E Sending Mixed Signals.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 8.25

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

This is a matrix recording comprising all DAT master sources. Two of the sources are audience sources and the third is a rare scanner source. The scanner source ends before "Natural Science", therefore the recording from that point is an audience matrix only and put separately on the 3rd disc. The matrix itself is quite clear with Neil and Geddy getting the better of the mix. Alex is lower in the mix, especially in the heavier sections. In the quieter sections you can hear Alex's scanner quite clearly giving the guitar lines a somewhat "unique" sound. There are some scanner reception glitches here and there, but nothing obnoxious. "Nobody's Hero" had some problems with the scanner, so in the middle of the song, about 14 seconds are just the audience sources.? One audience recording had great low end and the other had a great high end.? At times, the matrix recording sounds like a soundboard more than anything else.

As for the show itself, it is quite special for a few reasons. The performance is great and it captures a rare night when the boys have some big problems. Alex's guitar rig fails at the start of Driven. After Geddy gives Alex a bit of grief, he and Neil go into a country music jam to fill up the time. I remember watching the roadies furiously scurrying about the stage trying to get Alex's rig up and running again. As I remember from that night, the guitar was somewhat off level at the venue. I really like this show, but I'm a bit more biased cause I actually was at the show. I'll listen to this show a lot cause it is a night I will not soon forget.? Nor will I forget the 7hr drive home to be at work at 11am the following day!? I've searched for a DAT source of this show since the night I was there. It took me nearly 5.5 years to find them, then all of a sudden I had three different sources. I would like to thank FrankM and Admiral Nelson for the kindly donated sources. These outstanding individuals exemplify the spirit of trading and set a great example for others to follow. Once again, keep the spirit of trading alive, don't sell, buy, or distribute for profit this free trade show.    (2002-12-30)

Taper's Notes (scanner)

This show was the 2nd to last scanner show I did on the TFE tour.? Reception was a problem on this particular day as fading can be heard occasionally throughout the show.? In addition, the raw guitar feed was unavailable on this particular night due to interference.? Instead, I locked my 2nd scanner on the soundboard channel and recorded both the left and right channels with the same feed (from two different scanners).? Some people might call this diversity, but all I was looking for was another clear channel to record.

The soundboard channel I locked on to was less than optimal from and instrument / sound mix standpoint.? Overall, this show has and Alpine Valley '92 feel to it.? However, there is one difference.? This show also has the raw guitar included in the mix.? It's unusual to hear bass, drums, vocals, audience, and raw guitar (with some mixed guitar in the background - bleeding through).? Once again, if you are a musician you'll love this recording.? If you are an avid fan or collector, you'll want to have a copy of this show.

This show also contains the infamous Alex guitar breakdown between Stick It Out and Driven where Geddy can be heard talking to the crowd about Alex's "thing" breaking and his day at the golf course.? Geddy and Neil then break into a slow country groove to fill the time while Alex fixes his "thing".? This show is enjoyable to listen to.? Geddy's bass playing is awesome and right up front.? The performance is tight and the crowd is going crazy.? This show (and the Chicago show on the next night) have to be the two most exciting Rush shows I attended on the T4E tour.

I recorded this show with two high end Icom IC scanners direct to DAT (32kHz sampling frequency, LP mode).? I used a Sony TCD-D7 DAT recorder and a Quantegy R-124 DAT tape.? Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen DC power problem, the recording ends during the end of the drum solo.? An unfortunate and premature end to a great end of the tour show.    (2002-12-30)

   (Audio - 8)

This recording has moments were it really shines, unfortunately it has some moments whereby the scanner was losing the signal and some static creeps into the recording. I'm very grateful to the taper using the scanner but I think that track may have been used a little high in the mix, understandable since when the signal is locked it is nice but when the static comes in it can be a little distracting at points. None-the-less this is a must have recording if for nothing else the guitar issue Alex has at the beginning of Driven, Geddy and Neil are forced to do a little improv while Alex's guitar tech gets him a new guitar, it is very cool in my book. I loved this show and it is great to have it on disc now to enjoy it forever.   (2004-09-02)

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