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The Final Mix - DTS 5.1 Version


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 66:39, 47:03, 43:03
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 71702-1
Source: Audience (MD master)
Audience (MD master clone)
Audience (DAT master clone)
Date: July 17, 2002
Location: Molson Amphitheater, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Tom Sawyer   4:52
Distant Early Warning   4:54
New World Man   4:04
Roll the Bones   6:42
Earthshine   5:32
YYZ   4:56
The Pass   4:56
Bravado   6:09
The Big Money   6:21
Vital Signs   5:06
Natural Science   8:22

One Little Victory   5:46
Driven   5:16
Ceiling Unlimited   5:50
Secret Touch   6:57
Dreamline   5:08
Red Sector A   5:18
Leave That Thing Alone   4:53
The Rhythm Method   7:52

Resist   4:49
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx   6:45
Limelight   4:27
La Villa Strangiato   8:44
The Spirit of Radio   5:26
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:31
Cygnus X-1   3:12
Working Man   5:07

Disc 1
2ef8e773542cfd416af3881638ce57f9 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t01.shn
b93b2342dc7ffc296c22465ed3349a40 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t02.shn
4c9c0988a93c0e0c3c2a108105b0d56e *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t03.shn
51736a28b0656aa1bab5889bc711e3f1 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t04.shn
accbcd893310e893aaf7f687e8720638 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t05.shn
31361101e55add8e9d9a86ab01fb18d0 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t06.shn
7a37013262aac75342c45fa23091f70a *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t07.shn
adf7f4fc3cde1f75b044a465e478d2b4 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t08.shn
f5afc720aad547b4763bf114c6b2b127 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t09.shn
64d3ff50d09e264882598c00d752c3ce *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t10.shn
686ad2380988bd27d1923d36d00717de *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t11.shn
b09c8a3982e3ba53f16aee23c5ba78b7 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d1t12.shn

Disc 2
8f04faa15a3f97b851e9caf375a94d8f *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d2t01.shn
2924467c6bb3b7ca098d3e5457251cc0 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d2t02.shn
cb8461175d0aef2a3c64af1240bc88e5 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d2t03.shn
0d272169ea05fa23a402d457408d49b7 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d2t04.shn
e71c2b9b1f84d19240688633d1d2d5b6 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d2t05.shn
f93de53fc7e1bf7b0cbbf44bcf9ad1d1 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d2t06.shn
d680ca31e84f174db3b15be8006efc69 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d2t07.shn
a3a9b2a680baa2dfced90a1dce543c40 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d2t08.shn

Disc 3
e0ed42a40e0a3b91d76928745ba6c5b5 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d3t01.shn
b2b9b4ada08d0ede7ccf75f6315117a5 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d3t02.shn
2a539e2f0910847e77c5412a3599f30c *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d3t03.shn
af17429d00fa5a32bf329176f144a454 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d3t04.shn
7a6c2d0bd2eff1b40f41546139271d08 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d3t05.shn
d889a69b35c21c5fb6cde9b25949ad27 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d3t06.shn
69c04a930e95b310b7842c3f63e65b2a *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d3t07.shn
94882ba8a34d8b33efe7b4285224e901 *Rush_2002-07-17_tFM-DTS_d3t08.shn

Rush The Final Mix dts back.jpg
Rush The Final Mix dts front.jpg
Rush The Final Mix dts insert.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

So why a DTS 5.1 cd for a show released over a year ago? I had recently acquired a DAT master that was better sounding than the two MD sources I had from 2002. So I decided to make a DTS 5.1 cd with it. Three sources were used for this production, two are minidisc masters and the other was a DAT master. The DAT recording helps to smooth out the sound and improve the bass response of the original 2 source matrix released in 2002. The mix is fantastic and each person sounds well represented. You can definitely tell this was an amphitheater show because it really sounds like you are there. This is one of the best DTS 5.1 releases I've been able to do. The highlights of the show are "The Rhythm Method" Alex's "Dream Sequence" which has the band and the audience in stitches. Once again, many thanks to Barb, Mark, Jason and Paul for the sources so kindly donated for this release. They do the hard work so that we can all enjoy the show. As with all Digital Reproductions release, this is for free trade or blank media trade only. Do not buy, sell or distribute for profit. Help keep the spirit of trading alive and well.    (2004-06-29)

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