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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 68:30, 49:47, 47:27
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 01302-1
Source: Audience (DAT Clone)
Audience (DAT Clone)
Audience (DAT Clone)
Date: October 13, 2002
Location: Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia, USA

3 Stooges Intro   0:42
Tom Sawyer   4:59
Distant Early Warning   4:55
New World Man   4:14
Roll The Bones   6:45
Earthshine   5:40
YYZ   5:04
The Pass   4:58
Bravado   6:19
The Big Money   6:33
Between Sun and Moon   4:46
Vital Signs   4:54
Natural Science   8:41

One Little Victory Intro   1:40
One Little Victory   5:31
Driven   5:45
Ceiling Unlimited   5:35
Secret Touch   7:03
Dreamline   5:18
Red Sector A   5:20
Leave That Thing Alone   5:01
The Rhythm Method   8:34

Resist   4:58
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   7:00
Limelight   4:32
La Villa Strangiato   10:07
The Spirit of Radio   6:56
Bytor and the Snow Dog   4:45
Cygnus X-1   3:14
Working Man   5:55

53c86fbebf6fcc0a3b3726c2d79b89c9 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t01.shn
9c32b498979b92769668439dcadca2f2 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t02.shn
2b757e2492c292937d5610c9908ecfb5 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t03.shn
65a5a1ae4b7651f2975e6c473e14c622 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t04.shn
d4fed90412e7d370f4bb199f8c28dc99 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t05.shn
7337218498ae3dcba10f0a962bdf2608 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t06.shn
c416ff3273c48e0e9aaf8d6a174d4af5 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t07.shn
45a311325d11522d9349754b0357e1f9 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t08.shn
9471e5d15325123144433e63d42e1e25 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t09.shn
877a19d069a98de9c321882a7afa7b1e *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t10.shn
5e0c98284277e2af3b549aab0b1e7471 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t11.shn
c77ee85f0d5d0dd329b0bca2a8c5f784 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t12.shn
db52d08249752e54433f519f14da3391 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d1t13.shn

2086a8032307cf35979619a7c98a846f *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t01.shn
621d7cbdde6a9e70e43657b8bbd78e06 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t02.shn
0470d4ad68b5c4f932c8d9982135a36d *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t03.shn
ec3dbce5271ef86c8dde393b827b5cf8 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t04.shn
bfabedd965ab7a6acd1e7d02dec5338c *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t05.shn
d288b3a9878e640b5cabc457f25dc09a *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t06.shn
34b8a46f718d315c4795a7823b311789 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t07.shn
b0e89a6d2d423e66275a766f9ae4700a *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t08.shn
a55df95a4cd6dfe597555d793b16657d *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d2t09.shn

ed893137e8426757fd628092303faf46 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d3t01.shn
0f14f6dd4092c8ad97a2dd5f2e015f5d *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d3t02.shn
0a71619439596f63f183228a29311439 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d3t03.shn
3d68089f21dc510a1e67707021fe4e3c *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d3t04.shn
78f2b994dd0f37332000ad9d578eba36 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d3t05.shn
694431ddfe105399c93a6f0648452e52 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d3t06.shn
2245e602f214d4284a431a6776acd740 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d3t07.shn
56a5f3bccb81a400fb4785ef8b1c33c5 *rush2002-10-13_STp2_d3t08.shn

VT Southern Trails Part2 Back Thumbnail.jpg
VT Southern Trails Part2 Back.jpg
VT Southern Trails Part2 Front Fatboy.jpg
VT Southern Trails Part2 Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Southern Trails Part2 Front Tray.jpg
VT Southern Trails Part2 Front.jpg
VT Southern Trails Part2.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8.5)

Sources, sources, sources; there are plenty for this show. This particular release is comprised of 3 DAT sources from this night. Each one had its own drawbacks and advantages, so a multi-track mix and matrix was the best option to yield a great sounding show. One of the advantages of a matrixed show is that it will sound much fuller with a wider soundstage than most single source recordings. It is no exception here. The sound quality is quite nice and each member of the band is well represented in the mix. There is a slight, short bit of digi-noise at the beginning of "The Pass". Other than that there are no cuts, mars, or other detractions in the show. Don't forget to play this recording at a healthy volume. The louder you play this show the more detail that will come out. Many thanks to each of the tapers for these great sources to work on. As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade and blank media trade only. Please do not buy, sell, or distribute for profit. Help keep the spirit of trading alive and well.


Audience Source #1 (DAT clone)? Audio Technica AT831b > Sony M1 @ 32kHz
Audience Source #2 (DAT clone)? Coresound Binaural > Oade mod Sony M1
Audience Source #3 (DAT clone)    (2003-10-14)

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