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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 44:36, 43:33
Catalog: Gypsy Eye: GE-109/110
Source: Audience
Date: June 01, 1977
Location: City Hall, Sheffield, England

Bastille Day   0:46
Anthem   5:12
Lakeside Park   5:10
2112   19:07
Xanadu   10:14

Something for Nothing   4:58
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   11:32
The Necromancer   6:13
Working Man / Finding My Way / Drum Solo   15:28
Fly By Night   2:08
In the Mood   3:12

The Necromancer discs.jpg
The Necromancer front.jpg
The Necromancer inside.jpg
The Necromancer rear.jpg
The Necromancer rear tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.375

Dionysus 10
   (Audio - 7)

Another Gypsy Eye release with some major pressing problems. At the very beginning of The Grand Finale there is a loud static noise that lasts about 5-6 seconds & will scare the hell out of you if your playing this show loud & not expecting it. Other then that problem it's an ok sounding show, Not bad for it's time.    (2002-09-01)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review
   (Audio - 7)

As much as I dislike what Gypsy Eye does, I must admit that they have done an excellent job with this bootleg. There are a lot of crappy tape versions of this show floating around out there, but the Gypsies seem to have got their hands on a low-gen version.? This show is a highlight for the band, as it?s the first ever show overseas. Rush played their first UK tour as they were preparing for the recording of the AFTK album. They?re obviously up for the occasion, as they deliver a very high-energy show.? The set is different from other ATWAS shows in that it features the first-ever performance of the prerelease version of Xanadu and parts of The Necromancer. The sound is very clear with relatively good instrument separation and a good mix. All in all, excellent considering the age of this show. A must have!    (2003-07-11)

Mike Edison
   (Audio - 6)

Just to clarify, the awful, several-second-long noise is at the beginning of Soliloquy! To me, this show, as a whole is hard to listen to, BUT we get another partial version of live NECROMANCER!!! The performance of this rare song is very, very good here IMHO! Geddy incorporates some tasteful synth work in By-Tor & Necromancer and makes an interesting comment about By-Tor before they begin this medley about the monster!   (2004-12-30)

   (Audio - 5.5)

I really don't like how this audience recording sounds. The instruments come in really full, but there is an incredible amount of distrotion, it almost drowns out the music. The crowd is crazy, so that gets out of hand, as well....I can only recommend this to people who need almost everything in their collection.   (2008-11-19)

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