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Media: 1 CD Audio
Time: 61:40
Catalog: Gypsy Eye: GE 122
Source: FM Broadcast
Studio (First Single)
Date: May 15, 1975
Location: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA
Studio (First Single)

Finding My Way   4:51
The Best I Can   3:14
What You're Doing   5:27
Anthem   4:21
Beneath, Between & Behind   3:02
In The End   6:37
Fly By Night   2:46
Working Man   13:37
In The Mood   2:50
Need Some Love   3:09
Bad Boy   5:14
Not Fade Away   3:21
Can't Fight It   3:04

Cant Fight It back.jpg
Cant Fight It front.jpg
Cant Fight It tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

Pete Beshuk
   (Audio - 8)

I'd say it's definitely a soundboard recording. It has that clean sound, vocals sound a bit "close" and the audience is muted during the music. It appears to be the whole show, but is edited between songs, which is confusing since there are only about 61minutes of recording on this CD. There are no missing parts of the music and several between song remarks are intact, so the editing might be only to remove boring crowd noise stretches. There are several interesting things about this cd: There's an extended, although short, intro to "Doing". The lead guitar break in Working is extended and significantly different from other shows from this era. Overall, a very aggressive sound made more so by the slightly distorted/bright sound here. The bass is very pronounced. FBN is the whole song, not the FBN/Mood medley. Geddy sings along with the guitar solo in "End". I can only think of minor complaints: "Mood" has a noticeable, but not terrible, discontinuity. There's static/hiss most noticeable between songs and during the quiet parts, but it's not too bothersome. The lead guitar is bit soft and the vocals are a bit loud, but you can hear everything so clearly it's not distracting. At the end tacked on Not Fade Away/Can't Fight It. The performance itself is very energetic and aggressive. The artwork is the COS cover with "Can't Fight It" in the style of COS. The center piece of the front cover is an old press photo portion pasted into the goldish COS center oval. The rest of the artwork is portions of the the COS artwork. Overall, I'd say it's EX- ("-" only due to the hiss). Some would say EX.??    (2000-10-07)

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