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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 50:58, 45:51
Catalog: Atlas Productions: AP-002
Source: Audience (1st gen)
Date: November 20, 1984
Location: Furitsu, Taikukan, Osaka, Japan

Intro/The Spirit of Radio   5:47
Subdivisions   5:24
The Body Electric   5:26
The Enemy Within   4:43
The Weapon   8:15
Witch Hunt   4:54
New World Man   4:24
Between The Wheels   5:58
Red Barchetta (short cut)   5:57

Distant Early Warning   7:06
Red Sector A   5:28
Closer to the Heart   4:06
YYZ/drum solo   8:03
2112: Temples of Syrinx   1:51
Tom Sawyer   4:59
Red Lenses   5:45
Vital Signs   4:52
Finding My Way   1:13
In The Mood   2:28

Pulse To Passion back.jpg
Pulse To Passion back insert.jpg
Pulse To Passion front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

Galt Speaks
   (Audio - 8)

This version is essentially preserved as a raw source--aside from the speed correction, indexing, and a VERY minimal amount of EQ adjustments. There's only one small cut during the solo of Red Barchetta which is most likely the result of a tape flip.

After reading on the DRE that Made in Japan was the best boot version of this show, I recently borrowed a copy to compare it to the source I had. My first impression was that it had been HEAVILY processed. I downloaded a track from MIJ and gave it a flat EQ. I compared it side by side to Pulse to Passion and what I found is, that the sound quality is nearly identical. The only difference is that MIJ has noise reduction (therefore less hiss) and those three nasty cuts on Subdivisions. The only other difference is that Pulse to Passion has about 15-20 seconds extra at the end of the show when the taper is packing it up and leaving.

So basically, what you get with Pulse to Passion is the great quality of Made in Japan, without the cuts in Subdivisions, with a flat EQ and no noise reduction. Grab this baby and crank it up. It rocks! For TRADE ONLY.    (2004-04-16)

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