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Media: 1 CDr Audio
Time: 52:25:00
Catalog: Sirius Records: SIR 0500
Source: Pre-Broadcast Soundboard
Date: December 16, 1974
Location: Agora Ballroom, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

Finding My Way   5:21
The Best I Can   3:26
What You're Doing   5:16
Fly By Night   3:25
Here Again   9:18
Anthem   4:37
Bad Boy   7:23
Working Man   10:52
Drum Solo   2:44

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Rush Finding Prime Front.jpg
finding prime back.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 9.6

   (Audio - 10)

This pre-FM source has no commercials or voice-overs and is superior to all other versions of this show. No EQ or other processing was used on this source.    (2003-01-04)

   (Audio - 10)

A great early Rush show. Raw, live and loud. Classic 70's hard rock. According to all information I have seen this is from the FM Radio Broadcast however it is pre-Broadcast. This means no voice-overs or introductions just the live show. It also means no compression or other radio processing. It is just the high-energy, raw, live and loud, rockin', hard rock show. It rocks !

Great versions of these early songs, a cover song, Bad Boy which Geddy introduces as, "a song that the Beatles did a few years ago, a song written by Mr. Larry Williams, this is called Bad Boy". Geddy also introduces Fly By Night by saying in will be on their next album and that it was a song they just wrote a couple weeks ago. Wow. I just think about how old that song is today and here Geddy is saying they just wrote the song.

A stereo recording, sometimes you can even hear the guitars fade from one channel to the other (left to right I believe) if you are listening with headphones.    (2003-01-04)

Big Hath
   (Audio - 10)

Excellent!! Just listened to this gem again this morning. Despite a clipping/static/? that shows up a couple of times, this is a terrific sounding show, especially considering it's age. As mentioned in another review, this is a stereo recording as you can hear Alex's guitar shift from left to right and back during many songs. Has a very raw rock sound which really matches well with those older Rush tunes (and expecially the Bad boy cover).   (2007-01-29)

Shrimp Cot
   (Audio - 10)

Incredible recording! During the extended solo section of Working Man, the boys actually play a snippet of By-Tor and it is quite obvious that they have been working on it and it isn't just an improv - amazing that this "solo" will end up being in a totally different song. This boot is worth having just for THAT...never mind the fact that the audio is so crisp and clear.   (2007-07-31)

   (Audio - 8)

Well, this isn't as impressive as "The Fifth Order of Angels" it holds its own little spark. The sound, its okay, it isn't as full as The Fifth order of Angels, and the bass is way too background. There is no distortion that I hear as I listened. There is a clean feeling to it as well. Overall, its recommended.   (2008-11-19)

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