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Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 72:48, 71:43
Catalog: Ride The Tiger: TT 034/035
Source: Pro Video Feed
FM Broadcast
Date: March 22, 1994
December 05, 1974
Location: The Palace Of Auburn Hills, Auburn Hills, Michigan, USA
Electric Lady Studios, New York, New York, USA

2001 Introduction   0:57
Dreamline   5:00
The Spirit Of Radio   4:55
The Analog Kid   6:13
Cold Fire   4:32
Time Stand Still   5:51
Nobody's Hero   5:09
Roll The Bones   6:09
Animate   7:49
Stick It Out   5:13
Double Agent   4:56
Limelight   4:35
Mystic Rhythms   6:03
Closer To The Heart   5:16

Show Don't Tell   5:19
Leave That Thing Alone   5:57
The Rhythm Method   7:14
The Trees   5:10
Xanadu   6:44
Hemispheres: Prelude
Tom Sawyer   5:19
Force Ten   4:38
YYZ   4:22
Finding My Way   4:58
In The Mood   3:22
Anthem   4:28
Need Some Love   3:14
Fly By Night   3:23

majestic symphonies back lq.JPG
majestic symphonies front lq.JPG
rush majestic back.jpg
rush majestic front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.875

Cary's Notes
   (Audio - 9)

This is the same show as Critical Mass, but of lesser sound quality and with part of the Electric Lady studio show tacked on the end. Ron's notes above apply to the Critical Mass version of the show, which is a lower generation copy of the master video. In general, pick this up on silver, but if you're getting copies on CDr or tape, go for Critical Mass.    (1999-04-01)

Rush Trading Register
   (Audio - 9)

From everything I've heard about Counterparts bootlegs recently, it seems as if there are two front-runners for the "best CP boot" award, those being Animated and this little gem, Majestic Symphonies. In comparison, there really isn't a lot to choose between them. Animated wins on song selection simply because it has Bravado (and a killer take as well) and MS does not. However, as far as sound quality goes, I would have to give the prize to MS. Alex's guitars are a lot less muddy, and to be honest on songs like Dreamline and Nobody's Hero, MS is way ahead of Animated in these terms. Also, the band themselves are in a lot better shape, especially Geddy's vocals. Animated may well be the last night of the tour in their hometown, lending a certain atmosphere to the boot, but MS was taken from mid-way through, and it really shows. I would have to say that the first CD of MS is better than the second though; although tracks from the Electric Ladyland sessions are kind-of cool to have as bonuses on the end of the CD, they really are little more than nostalgia-artifacts. 5 of the 6 CP songs are on the first CD, and they are all excellent versions of them; also of note is Alex's hilarious fooling around on CTTH, singing lines like "Accountants In Your House". A word about packaging. It sucks. A single sheet picture of the boys from GUP era on the front sleeve, a decent enough track listing on the back, and record-label related pictures on both the CD's themselves. Sound quality for the bootleg, as I said, is overall excellent. The sound dips a little in the opening number (Dreamline) but smoothes out almost immediately. This boot also scores over Animated in that it has the Force Ten/YYZ encore which Animated is lacking. To be honest, this is about as good as CP boots get. Don't miss out.    (1999-04-01)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review
   (Audio - 9)

The second Rush show offered exclusively on the newsgroup. This is a great show from one of the band?s favorite venues. The boys do sound a bit tired here, and at times seem to be going through the motions. This is the best "Counterparts" show out there -- "Animated" is a bit too trebly and cut up. This is apparently the audio from a professionally shot video, so the sound is soundboard caliber. All the instruments sound great, as do Geddy?s vocals. A must for any collection.    (1999-04-01)

Aramis K. Vidaurre
   (Audio - 8.5)

Well, for obvious reason the main focus would be on the sound not the set list. It is very good, clean, very little crowd intereference. In deed, the distance from where it was recorded allows us to perceive (and enjoy) the powerful guitar in "Stick It Out". I had never heard it with that strength (not even with better sound quality). On mark 3:27 YYZ has a cut. Except for Alex having fun with the audience during "Closer to the Heart", there is very little - or none - interaction with the audience. By listening to other boots from this tour, one might get to an assumption: those moments where dedicated almost as a ritual to three specific segments: introducing "Cold Fire" -in a couple of boots you can enjoy a country intro-, "Nobody's Hero" with Geddy trying to explain the lyrics and "Stick It Out" with Alex's football comments or the sort. There was no need to pair up this venue with the "Electric Lady", it is such a waste. By the way, how does Neil do to perform "The Rhythm Method" in the same way?    (2007-08-06)

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