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Rushian Whiskey 74


Media: 1 CDr Audio
Time: 37:11
Catalog: Unknown:
Source: Audience
Date: November 27, 1974
Location: Whiskey a Go-Go, Los Angeles, California, USA

Finding My Way
Fancy Dancer
In the Mood / Country Ditty
In the End
What You're Doing
Bad Boy


Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

   (Audio - 7)

Performed at the Whiskey A Go Go club in Los Angeles in front of a small audience, this is the first part of Rush's set. They were due to return after "The Butts Band" but there is no known tape of the second set. The sound quality is really pretty good for a recording that is over 26 years old. There is some tape hiss, but the instruments all come across well (the bass is a bit low in the mix) and Geddy's voice is in good form. I'd rate this one between a VG+ and EX-. Ged introduces each song; Fancy Dancer as a song for dancing, In the Mood as "our next single" etc. At the end of In the Mood there's a 4 - 5 minute hold up as Neil's drums are repaired. Alex strums away quietly throughout and there's a "country ditty" jam between him and Ged, while Ged apologizes for the delay at regular intervals. There's an interesting early version of In the End after the delay which is introduced as a new song. Overall a good early show, well worth tracking down.    (2002-11-16)

   (Audio - 8)

This is a pretty nice recording. Its not the rarest find, but still is a heck of a lot better than most audience recordings I have found over my days of getting bootlegs. ALl of the instruments are clear, but it sounds like the sound is in a box (compressed) but there isn't a lot of distance, or echoe, so thats great. This also is an incomplete show, they were due after the Butts Band, but no one taped that part. Overall, highly worth getting.   (2008-11-24)

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