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Media: 1 CDr Audio
Time: 58:09
Catalog: Faith Records: FCD1 7004
Source: Studio
All the World Is a Stage (pirated)
Date: January 01, 1985
June 25, 1975
January 02, 1981
Location: Studio Outtakes
Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Studio Outtakes

Big Money   5:02
Manhattan Project   4:40
Marathon   5:29
Territories   4:10
Middletown Dreams   4:49
Emotion Detector   5:11
Mystic Rhythms   5:30
Red Barchetta   5:24
Vital Signs   3:49
Fly By Night   5:08
Working Man   8:48

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through the window inner inside .jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 3

Rush Collector Resources
   (Audio - 3)

This claims to include outtakes from the 'Power Windows' recording session plus a couple from 'Moving Pictures', and some bonus live tracks from 1975. The sound of the outtakes is poor; they may well be genuine but I can't tell. The live tracks are straight from 'All The World's A Stage'.    (2002-03-24)

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 3)

This claims to be outtakes from the 'Power Windows' sessions. Personally the tracks seem "doctored" and fake. The distinct lack of tape hiss where there should be is one uneasy sign. The other thing that doesn't seem right is that I can't imagine any technique that would result in demo's sounding this way. The instruments fade in and out, the vocals are buried, and yet the songs seem very close to production. Now what makes the latter part troubling is that they solos are nearly identical to the album, yet different than the 2nd Tour of the Nadars versions of the same songs. To me, something just doesn't add up right.    (2002-03-24)

Russ Schomber
   (Audio - 3)

Although I do not own the exact CD of these purported out takes, I have a tape copy. You too can make you own out-takes of any artist just like this prankster did! Simply slide the RCA phono plugs out of your CD player until just the center tip conductors touch. You will get a healthy 100Hz buzz but what you will be left with is the mono tracks from the mix. Anything that was panned left or right is lost. Filter out the hum with an EQ and there you go, demo's! Some systems which have built in karaoke microphone systems can also reproduce the same effect without the buzz (my Panasonic mini-system does this) It's an interesting listen but it's not real.    (2002-03-24)

Doug Palmer

Just FYI, This is called mix-minus. I've done this for years to learn the guitar parts. It's basically an electronic process of combining the left channel out of phase with the right. Any signal that is centered is cancelled out - or removed. That includes bass, kick and snare, and lead vocals. It's an interesting way to hear a new version of our old favorites, and to discover some parts that are usually buried in the mix. Most digital editing programs allow you to do this. It's also known as a vocal eliminator. It's worth the time to get a new perspective.   (2008-04-06)

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