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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 59:41, 58:43
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 62790
Source: Soundboard/Pro Shot Video
Date: June 27, 1990
Location: Shoreline Amphitheatre, Mountain View, California, USA

Force Ten   4:43
Freewill   3:47
Distant Early Warning   4:17
Time Stand Still   6:12
Subdivisions   5:24
Marathon   6:38
Red Barchetta   6:50
Superconductor   5:10
Show Don?t Tell   6:38
The Pass   5:06
Closer To The Heart   4:56

Manhattan Project   5:04
Xanadu   6:39
YYZ   3:09
Drum Solo   5:12
Scars   4:40
War Paint   5:49
Mission   5:37
Tom Sawyer   6:26
The Spirit Of Radio   4:54
2112: Overture   3:18
La Villa Strangiato   4:47
In The Mood   2:13
Pipeline / Jazz Bass   0:55

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Presto A Pass Through Mountain View Tray.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 8)

I would probably say that it is a full show in mono. It is definitely a soundboard feed as you can hear all the glitches with the guitar in between the songs. One can distinctly hear Alex playing with the guitar cord connector. Does this mean that it is from a Pro-Shot video? Could be, but it is extremely low gen if it is. The recording itself starts off a bit rough sounding, similar to the complaints people have had regarding "Buenos Nochas" from the Detroit Hemispheres tour. Being the first Presto soundboard available for mass trade, I guess this recording would have some historical significance. Currently this leaves only the "Down the Tubes" tour without an official or unofficial soundboard recording. Remember, "Different Stages" covers the T4E and aFtK tours. Seeing how long it took for a CoS show to come out, I don't think a soundboard from that tour would be much faster to show up! As with all Digital Reproductions recordings, it's only available via free trade and never for sale. Just visit the trading links section to find people that will gladly trade this recording for free.

   (Audio - 8)

My god I?ve never heard so much treble! The sound is soundboard but its so amazingly brittle sounding, its really unpleasant. Also another sound problem is the audience is damn near non-existent, which takes away a lot of the excitement from the show. With the audience going M.I.A. on this one and the ?recorded in a tin can? sound, its kind of like, ?Rush ? Live in Your Bathroom?. If you can tone down the treble A LOT this show is really, really good. A rare combo here, a great boot and great artwork! The Presto tour probably has my single favorite set list (or maybe Power Windows). If it weren?t for the uncanny amount of treble this could really be one of the best boots available. ?Superconductor? may not be the best Rush song but I think it really rocks live! ?The Pass? is one of my favorite Rush tunes and is good live but this version is nowhere near as good as the ?Mirrors? one. ?! War Paint? is an amazing song and it really, really sounds nice live, performed very nicely. I don?t like ?Scars? very much but it rocks all right live, when put on the end of the drum solo. ?Scars? plays well with others. The ?Wipeout/Jazz Bass? ending is so good!!! There is nothing wrong with this show, except the treble! That?s a really a HUGE problem on this recording!

   (Audio - 8)

After obtaining "the big 3" Presto shows (Scars of Pleasure, Hartford '90 and Target Mass Appeal:Platinum), this is a nice show to get if you want more Presto shows. Sounds is heavy on the treble and the crowd is virtually non-existant, so its pretty dry sounding. But, everything can be heard clearly and it is basically a soundboard.   (2004-09-02)

Aramis K.V.A.
   (Audio - 8)

Using an appropriate program, you would probably believe this one as a SB recording, unless the maker(s) meant an "on-the-soundboard recording” since the sound is muffled and lacks treble. The audience is completely isolated. Geddy is clearer than the instruments. This allows you to perceive some effects regarding the overdubbed vocals; however, the bass lacks punch, and this is evident in “Force Ten” and “The Pass.” In “Freewill”, Alex strikes a note before time. The first portion of the Drum Solo contains a slightly different orchestration, though the rest keeps the same spirit of what Neil has accustomed us. Personally, I don’t like “Scars”, it is a fully sampled song, and it gives you the impression that Geddy is not singing. The performance is average, the guys prefer to focus the setlist on the 80s, and just give teasers of classic tunes with the medley: “The Spirit of Radio / 2112: Overture / The Villa Strangiato / In the Mood”.    (2008-03-27)

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