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Media: 1 CDr Audio
Time: 46:03
Catalog: I-Vent: IV 3101.9-98
Source: Audience
Date: November 01, 1974
Location: Convocation Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Finding My Way   5:16
Best I Can   3:24
In the Mood   3:42
Anthem   4:50
Here Again   9:20
Bad Boy   6:57
Working Man   12:30

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Come In and Feel The Show Front.jpg
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Average Rating:Audio: 5.25

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 5)

An interesting recording. The tapers are incredibly stupid / annoying. They do have the courtesy of shutting up during the songs, but in between the songs they are very irritating. One keeps asking for "Suffragette City" and the other keeps asking for obscure King Crimson material. From the sounds of it, they weren't at the show to see Rush! The sound is pretty bad in the beginning, but Working Man doesn't sound too bad. With some EQ'ing and volume balancing, this wouldn't be a half bad show. Still another I-vent show that isn't up to the quality of other fan label releases, sounds like a quick tape to cdr transfer. The date is also in some dispute, being listed here as 11/17/74. But there is better evidence that the boys were in Seattle on 11/19/74. Obviously that is too much distance for both dates to be correct.    (2003-06-18)

   (Audio - 5.5)

As usual I can't say anything good about I-Vent Records shows. However, this one's not that bad after I tweaked it a little, removed many clicks and took out a lot of talking. For a '74 recording, the signal is quite good. Bass is somewhat heavy with fair highs, but the boys do put on a great show. I have always loved the rawness of early Rush and the improvised section of Working Man. There is a question about the date of this show, but November 1st is very plausible if you look at the before and after tour stops. Some database has this show listed as the 17th, which is nearly impossible since Rush must have had to travel from Toronto (17th) to Seattle (19th) in two days...not likely!! I personally give this show a VG rating after I did some "remastering". If you like early Rush, there are many killer shows available, so you may want to pass up this one.    (2003-06-18)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review

A fantastic early Rush show. This is a nice set featuring songs from the first album, and a few preliminary takes of "Fly By Night" songs. This set list is typical of this tour. It?s gratifying to hear Alex deliver a blistering Van Halen-style guitar solo at the end of "Bad Boy," -- four years before Eddie made his first appearance. The only detractor from this show are the idiots who actually taped it. These guys belch into the recorder between every song, and actually heckle the band to play some David Bowie songs. Thankfully, they have the sense to stay quiet during the actual songs. In spite of the relatively low grade I?ve given it, the sound of this show is very good for it?s time. The main problem is that the bass and drums are hard to hear. There?s also a bit of distortion, and the end of the drum solo is cut off. For the most part though, this is still a very listenable show. A must if you?re an old Rush fan.    (1999-04-01)

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