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Media: 1 CD Audio
Time: 67:23
Catalog: Gypsy Eye: GE-085
Source: Studio (First Single)
Date: 0000
June 25, 1975
Location: Studio (First Single)
Massey Hall, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Finding My Way
Best I Can
Beneath, Between, Behind
In the End
Fly By Night
Bytor and the Snowdog
Working Man / Drum Solo
In the Mood
Need Some Love
What You're Doing
You Can't Fight It

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liveanthem front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 6.75

Brent's Bootlegs
   (Audio - 6)

This bootleg is from the same show as "The Age of Wonders" but doesn't sound quite as good by a tiny bit. Please check out the review of "The Age of Wonders" for more information about this show. The songs are identical on each bootleg except "The Age of Wonders" has an extra song from a singles b-side called "You Can't Fight It". Chances are you already have this song on another bootleg anyway.??    (1999-04-01)

Great Rush Bootleg Series

This is the best of the three known recordings from the "Fly By Night" tour. This is the only one of the three where they played a full setlist beginning to end. And, thirdly, the quality is very good. Audience, of course. Possibly an FM show. it?s a hometown show, so the crowd is into it. First of two nights, so the Boyz were fresh. Full versions of "Fly By Night" (most cut it of before the interlude or screw up the interlude, see note from Electric Ladyland) and "Beneath Between & Behind" (no other tours had the full lyrics including "Watch the cities rise...." verse. Listen and you will find its true!) complement a setlist that has only one real lacking: MAKING MEMORIES should have been included!    (1999-04-01)

Ron's Rush RoIO Review

One of the few shows out there from the FBN tour. It features pretty much the songs one would expect, but the relatively rare takes of a full "Fly By Night" and "Beneath, Between, & Behind" are nice treats. A solid early show. Great for it?s age. This one almost got a higher score, but a slight lack of fidelity prevented that. A must for the old Rush lover.    (1999-04-01)

   (Audio - 7.5)

This is an interesting source. The sound is decent, I can't say its bad, because the sound is full, and straight-forward in you face. There are a few cuts, because its obviously an audience. Overall, its sound pretty nice, I recommend it.   (2008-11-17)

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