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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 69:41, 65:20, 65:57
Catalog: One Red Cent Productions: ORCP-2002-1, 2 & 3
Source: Audience (MP3 Recorder)
Audience (Digital Clone)
Bob and Doug McKenzie: Great White North
First Single
Date: October 30, 2002
July 20, 2002
Location: United Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
Studio (Bob and Doug McKenzie: Great White North)
Studio (First Single)

Three Stooges Intro   0:50
Tom Sawyer   4:56
Distant Early Warning   4:56
New World Man   4:11
Roll The Bones   6:12
Earthshine   6:17
YYZ   4:42
The Pass   5:18
Bravado   6:23
The Big Money   6:20
The Trees   5:16
Freewill   5:38
Natural Science   8:42

One Little Victory   6:20
Driven   5:16
Ghost Rider   5:57
Secret Touch   7:07
Dreamline   5:13
Red Sector A   5:18
Leave That Thing Alone   5:02
The Rhythm Method   8:17
Resist - Acoustic version   5:15
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx   6:58
Limelight   4:35

La Villa Strangiato   10:20
The Spirit Of Radio   5:23
By-Tor & the Snow Dog   4:56
Cygnus X-1   3:14
Working Man   5:42
Between Sun & Moon   5:14
Vital Signs   4:51
Ceiling Unlimited   5:59
La Villa Strangiato   9:19
Take Off To The Great White North   4:45
Not Fade Away   3:18
You Can't Fight It   2:54

40fded05f163a080fca41a18cc87c264 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t01 Three Stooges Intro.shn
acd36321dfe7e2c25f33344127888b5c *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t02 Tom Sawyer.shn
ee0e34c4ef0ac0f11aced06535dc402d *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t03 Distant Early Warning.shn
48ba24745ec7a3e2c7d33f2c538aa72d *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t04 New World Man.shn
4d767fa4a3e5628dbf4ee1a10532a9bb *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t05 Roll the Bones.shn
61cfb35b5dda01278f52adabed3ddc38 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t06 Earthshine.shn
6ccd20588f3dd094c362276c6c893ed2 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t07 YYZ.shn
7aad2da4705802e620b456f720b6eda2 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t08 The Pass.shn
dde9f13d7af27811cbd797a7096a3f29 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t09 Bravado.shn
3e77819bbdefa5deeaff749be352d9fe *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t10 The Big Money.shn
2c8d71cad9beade93c788793115d9223 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t11 The Trees.shn
856a5ffce7f260895ff9a10f0cc86d93 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t12 Freewill.shn
920e5aa37b91abe8807a9d51bd06f5e5 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d1t13 Natural Science.shn

5baf44e1eeb8be50984fe9a31b9167ce *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t01 One Little Victory.shn
b27e1fcd20c880f2b8ad659b4b2897e7 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t02 Driven.shn
7913489a72812dcf8378318abbbff32f *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t03 Ghost Rider.shn
e89f074dac069d324319eee715de38c8 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t04 Secret Touch.shn
4051eb1b2af8ea42a5e0173546087583 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t05 Dreamline.shn
188974c8d31cc241f6d8d593e176f71a *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t06 Red Sector A.shn
3e153c482090db0928a694dd22f65159 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t07 Leave That Thing Alone.shn
07a98c237921f5cd80bf17e9d1d37930 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t08 The Rhythm Method.shn
9d04e9ea810828ed7abc5e6b1fb6c0ab *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t09 Resist (Acoustic).shn
1df8b6a17207351052dceb1994656ef6 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t10 2112 (Overture-The Temples of Syrinx).shn
55d970900ee8cd3a540221d3c93db06b *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d2t11 Limelight.shn

0dd226e1e9f0d03735b93bd2cec725c9 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t01 La Villa Strangiato.shn
ba7f30118b5fdcc7678724874f6df88b *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t02 The Spirit of Radio.shn
3081f99b5fbb976ed51d71ed098d8098 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t03 By-Tor & the Snow Dog.shn
05f4c770f3e857a945a741569d3d63c9 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t04 Cygnus X-1.shn
efe3e7ce2c88ca839328e3e9d9514a5f *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t05 Working Man.shn
d67c64bb9b5c665e18086d73d950f595 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t06 Between Sun & Moon.shn
9244f5c183b338338c556a2390fbdf2e *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t07 Vital Signs.shn
38c692e23d2d46d0318a90ceae057778 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t08 Ceiling Unlimited.shn
90a17038e89c2e24911b83358f8ed758 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t08 La Villa Strangiato.shn
32a7c1c4855ad10f133318ab0880a631 *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t09 Take Off (to the Great White North).shn
c5bc1607874d2186fa086fa62e3b147b *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t10 Not Fade Away.shn
9d7d8287025bda5e3d6838ffee3fe80e *2002.10.30 Sonic Trails v2.0 d3t11 Can't Fight It.shn

VT Sonic Trails Back CD1 .jpg
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VT Sonic Trails Back CD3 .jpg
VT Sonic Trails Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Sonic Trails Front.jpg
VT Sonic Trails.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5


v2.0 corrected a problem of Overburn requirements on the original release.? Some trimming of crowed noises occured, and La Villa Strangiato and The Spirit of Radio where moved to the 3rd disc.    (2003-01-23)

Taper's Notes by Cynergestic
   (Audio - 7.5)

Recorded from the 7th row on Alex's side using an Archos Jukebox MP3 Recorder set on the highest quality settings (which uses VBR averaging about 170kbps) as two large master file set (Set1 & Set2 which included the encore) using a Sony ECM-MS907 stereo electret condenser mic. The master files were then split into individual tracks using SoundForge 5.0, and encoded to shn using the MKW tools. There is some minor glitches in the first few tracks due to a couple of security ducks and equipment checks, but for the most part a solid recording.

The fans that were close to the recorder were very well behaved. Some of the highlights to this evenings show are when Alex messes up the beginning of Freewill (I think he was expecting a different tune), but recovers quickly and then delivers an EXCELLENT version of one of his BEST solos (IMHO). During Driven, Geddy added a lil bit to the bass solo.. just a skosh. La Villa, of course, where Alex is being wacky on the guitar, joking about songs for a new album songs, and about how his doctor told him he had Alzheimer's which promptly gave him amnesia.

Ok, ok, I know, I know, it was recorded directly to mp3 but give this recording a chance as it sounds superb considering the source... you will not be disappointed I promise!

The bonus tracks were an afterthought actually. As I was creating the artwork I was thinking to myself that it would be nice to provide all the songs being played this tour (Between Sun & Moon, Vital Signs and Ceiling Unlimited being on the A-set-list and The Trees, Freewill and Ghostrider being the differences in the B-set-list.

I have always enjoyed it when a bootleg contained alternate tracks from another show presenting the whole live song selection for that particular tour, so I figured it would be even cooler to add them from the previous time Rush had visited Chicago using the excellent boot "A Huge Giant Marshmallow" as a source.

Then just to make a full CD listening experience, I added Take Off & The first single (always a favorite in my book). I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it and a special thanks to daneck who helped me hammer out some of the details :) Artwork is still in the making, and this recording will be forwarded to the DRE in hopes of releasing a Platinum Edition soon. Remember, this recording is not for sale. For free trade only!!.    (2003-01-18)

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