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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 69:56, 80:16, 50:44
Catalog: One Red Cent Productions: ORCP-2002-1, 2 & 3
Source: Audience (MP3 Recorder)
Audience (Digital Clone)
Bob and Doug McKenzie: Great White North
First Single
Date: October 30, 2002
July 20, 2002
Location: United Center, Chicago, Illinois, USA
Tweeter Center, Tinley Park, Illinois, USA
Studio (Bob and Doug McKenzie: Great White North)
Studio (First Single)

Three Stooges Intro   0:51
Tom Sawyer   4:56
Distant Early Warning   4:56
New World Man   4:11
Roll The Bones   6:45
Earthshine   5:43
YYZ   4:59
The Pass   5:02
Bravado   6:23
The Big Money   6:28
The Trees   5:09
Freewill   5:38
Natural Science   8:53

One Little Victory   5:51
Driven   5:18
Ghost Rider   5:57
Secret Touch   7:06
Dreamline   5:15
Red Sector A   5:18
Leave That Thing Alone   5:02
The Rhythm Method   9:05
Resist - Acoustic version   4:27
2112: Overture / The Temples of Syrinx   6:58
Limelight   4:35
La Villa Strangiato   10:04
The Spirit Of Radio   5:18

By-Tor & the Snow Dog   5:08
Cygnus X-1   3:14
Working Man   5:41
Between Sun & Moon   5:14
Vital Signs   4:53
Ceiling Unlimited   6:04
La Villa Strangiato   9:31
Take Off To The Great White North   4:45
Not Fade Away   3:18
You Can't Fight It   2:54

300ce01b40537b163bc475a84a132df3 *1.01.3 Stooges Intro.shn
ab13fb331737753acf7b7963ded92b08 *1.02.Tom Sawyer.shn
1412787562947040bd15c0ba915155f8 *1.03.Distant Early Warning.shn
3099bb56c075ae7dc8c8ee1cf697bc23 *1.04.New World Man.shn
7104a74681ff505681baee1c0dce0132 *1.05.Roll The Bones.shn
27c6a2a3a73936b2b436453b49a6c0ef *1.06.Earthshine.shn
cbd70c25ab9a08b5f7a955b9f6dbd29a *1.07.YYZ.shn
38d7e589b6b323b224c99434a028f5b4 *1.08.The Pass.shn
914894aa62d60a74bf16d89796091dde *1.09.Bravado.shn
f5a3041664febd888b9d3689daf51acd *1.10.The Big Money.shn
6488a079bc735fc32eb3bb2ab1a8334d *1.11.The Trees.shn
6c1ec18e9d9bf8fd53bd51f5497b352a *1.12.Freewill.shn
14abd963a46f2a8275c7faac15a38573 *1.13.Natural Science.shn

ec5c9b9fb96259abd712e79c5d5414dc *2.01.One Little Victory.shn
04ca7ee4d7546cec2d7401e090c3e047 *2.02.Driven.shn
fe55b7341d9eca6c471969b5f26bc7b3 *2.03.Ghost Rider.shn
bb82e3d17d20d32d7b5b1519efc10e83 *2.04.Secret Touch.shn
b7c00b2ebdc8ab75dc0d879975229cfc *2.05.Dreamline.shn
6ba5054d5a5dad790f22c98964840633 *2.06.Red Sector A.shn
b09acdb5e203b366228320cbcb1c8358 *2.07.Leave That Thing Alone.shn
7e0fa1f123ac945c5d7a3276df9b94b0 *2.08.The Rhythm Method.shn
6883fbd6bb73e4b22b668f02ab330880 *2.09.Resist (acoustic).shn
7152eb1a28eb9ad9f472482c2899c4b3 *2.10.2112 (Overture-The Temples Of Syrinx).shn
c924508faea014d6acb6b92e2da4fd9e *2.11.Limelight.shn
c5533d907524a0314e04f6c0f60838b3 *2.12.La Villa Strangiato.shn
aac229fea6f8b925d6836c7817e981eb *2.13.The Spirit Of Radio.shn

8d5bff8916fe03bacc0e6fd451aef46c *3.01.By-Tor & The Snow Dog.shn
d4e37677a9fecefde3584df69ba0c56e *3.02.Cygnus X-1.shn
2e23a2aefc218516403096fc935dc0e5 *3.03.Working Man.shn
d67c64bb9b5c665e18086d73d950f595 *3.04.Between The Sun & Moon.shn
23d026bc562a7abb03bce11a588f4487 *3.05.Vital Signs.shn
ad658173b343a625e5888effef98dc2b *3.06.Ceiling Unlimited.shn
ae144a09507452ebe555a2a4e5272f6b *3.07.La Villa Strangiato.shn
32a7c1c4855ad10f133318ab0880a631 *3.08.Take Off (to the Great White North).shn
c5bc1607874d2186fa086fa62e3b147b *3.09.Not Fade Away.shn
9d7d8287025bda5e3d6838ffee3fe80e *3.10.You Can't Fight It.shn

VT Sonic Trails Back CD1 .jpg
VT Sonic Trails Back CD2 .jpg
VT Sonic Trails Back CD3 .jpg
VT Sonic Trails Front Thumbnail.jpg
VT Sonic Trails Front.jpg
VT Sonic Trails.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

   (Audio - 7.5)

Recorded from the 7th row on Alex's side using an Archos Jukebox MP3 Recorder set on the highest quality settings (which uses VBR averaging about 170kbps) as two large master file set (Set1 & Set2 which included the encore) using a Sony ECM-MS907 stereo electret condenser mic.? The master files were then split into individual tracks using Sound Forge 5.0, and encoded to shn using the MKW tools.? There is some minor glitches in the first few tracks due to a couple of security ducks and equipment checks, but for the most part a solid recording.

The fans that were close to the recorder were very well behaved.? Some of the highlights to this evenings show are when Alex messes up the beginning of Freewill (I think he was expecting a different tune), but recovers quickly and then delivers an EXCELLENT version of one of his BEST solos (IMHO).? During Driven, Geddy added a lil bit to the bass solo.. just a skosh.? La Villa, of course, where Alex is being wacky on the guitar,? joking about songs for a new album songs, and about how his doctor told him he had Alzheimer's which promptly gave him amnesia.?

Ok, ok, I know, I know, it was recorded directly to mp3 but give this recording a chance as it sounds superb considering the source... you will not be disappointed I promise!

The bonus tracks were an afterthought actually.? As I was creating the artwork I was thinking to myself that it would be nice to provide all the songs being played this tour (Between Sun & Moon, Vital Signs and Ceiling Unlimited being on the A-set-list and The Trees, Freewill and Ghost Rider being the differences in the B-set-list.)

I have always enjoyed it when a bootleg contained alternate tracks from another show presenting the whole live song selection for that particular tour, so I figured it would be even cooler to add them from the previous time Rush had visited Chicago using the excellent boot "A Huge Giant Marshmallow" as a source.

Then just to make a full CD listening experience, I added Take Off & The first single (always a favorite in my book).?? I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it and a special thanks to Daneck who helped me hammer out some of the details :)? Artwork is still in the making, and this recording will be forwarded to the DRE in hopes of releasing a Platinum Edition soon.? Remember, this recording is not for sale.? For free trade only!!.    (2003-01-18)


Disc 2 Requires Overburning!!? If you don't have a CD Burner that supports Overburning and are interested in hearing the un-remastered version, please get Sonic Trail v2.0. Sonic Trail - Chrome Edition is the remastered version.    (2003-01-18)

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