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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 41:04, 46:10, 70:19
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-016
Source: Audience (2nd Gen)
Date: October 22, 1996
Location: Nutter Center, Dayton, Ohio, USA

Also Sprach Zarathustra   1:22
Dreamline   5:02
The Big Money   6:51
Driven   5:04
Half The World   3:49
Red Barchetta   6:49
Animate   6:38
Limbo   5:27

The Trees   3:18
Red Sector A   3:19
Virtuality   6:16
Nobody's Hero   5:13
Closer to the Heart   4:44
2112   19:14

Test for Echo   7:01
Subdivisions   5:43
Freewill   5:41
Roll the Bones   6:16
Resist   4:41
Leave That Thing Alone   4:43
The Rhythm Method   7:16
Natural Science   8:11
Force Ten   4:42
The Spirit of Radio   5:21
Tom Sawyer   5:30
YYZ/Cygnus X-1   5:12

17974fa9e6285ab2bebbaf023ebfe73f *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d1t01.shn
61206d13991eb45339346822f873d8c5 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d1t02.shn
209f13e71f7efb5920f1ff03377f78a1 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d1t03.shn
74cd6cf2eec88318590c68269e10ca5b *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d1t04.shn
0c4b988c76d9f65030f0f2c3456142d8 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d1t05.shn
ec7f90a645dd3a353ca5352ee1414363 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d1t06.shn
89fe3a9a4e656ee4c5718bf7d69ad861 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d1t07.shn
b9e64d56383d8da8000895a4e03ca5cb *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d1t08.shn

9c5f6b5bdf7931b76ca6ad4466688f55 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d2t01.shn
0185d88d1d3345d7bc5ac8bfd325a041 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d2t02.shn
469632e0cce0826badd7e30b1832b6d4 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d2t03.shn
90462a8aeacf167ec22d1deca58dee1e *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d2t04.shn
973be7ffc710d41a619c39acc9d8fc32 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d2t05.shn
6bff763a3058ec66399d6c83e74250ef *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d2t06.shn

89721b5e7dccba439bf89fe658722b01 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t01.shn
949707009706999c24d8e769f89202c4 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t02.shn
2322bd545516600cac91e9862df4ff2f *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t03.shn
4c43a34336163062d6aea89cc7362f4c *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t04.shn
fc50fb091da544b79e383956f4165f76 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t05.shn
437edd4c9b65c82130d40858a0b34949 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t06.shn
b84b56ac3b83a08b2b7f417177a0aafe *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t07.shn
b1ace539061741a93cbf0b7daa3bc5be *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t08.shn
08a22b6ea49a1dc0cdb8336b29b88869 *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t09.shn
9de9352e9358779e953706341369012e *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t10.shn
6c81c45a2a96b8e37d2efb84b9ac39ef *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t11.shn
eab7ef12b7107e7e220de731927fff2b *Rush_1996-10-22_AT_d3t12.shn

T4E Another Test Back Tray.jpg
T4E Another Test Back.jpg
T4E Another Test Disc1.jpg
T4E Another Test Disc2.jpg
T4E Another Test Disc3.jpg
T4E Another Test Front Fatboy.jpg
T4E Another Test Front Inside.jpg
T4E Another Test Front Outside.jpg
T4E Another Test Front Thumbnail.jpg
T4E Another Test Front Tray.jpg

Average Rating:

Simple Man Productions

This is a fairly decent sounding T4E show. The only real problem with it is the venue itself. I've never been inside the Nutter Center but apparently it is a very large and cavernous venue and this show is certainly indicative of such a place. The other produced source for this date (Destination Dayton) also has a large boomy sound to it, although Another Test sounds much better in my opinion. My advice, turn it up! It sounds better the louder it is.?

As is the Simple Man norm, this show is only available for FREE TRADE ONLY. It is currently available on the Rush Traders Direct Connect hub and several other hubs as well. It is also available for trade and B&P. In addition, it will be posted to in the next day or two. And most importantly please remember, this live unofficial recording was produced by fans for fans. It is never to be sold and only traded freely. If you enjoy this recording, support the artists and purchase their official releases.

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