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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Time: 79:43, 79:43
Catalog: Digital Reproductions: DR 82302-7
Source: Audience (DAT Master)
Date: August 23, 2002
Location: Delta Center, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Three Stooges Intro   0:53
Tom Sawyer   4:48
Distant Early Warning   4:55
New World Man   4:03
Roll The Bones   6:41
Earthshine   5:35
YYZ   4:57
The Pass   5:00
Bravado   6:12
The Big Money   6:27
Between Sun and Moon   4:44
Freewill   5:30
Natural Science   8:15
One Little Victory Intro   1:02
One Little Victory   5:33
Driven   5:08

Ghost Rider   5:53
Secret Touch   6:57
Dreamline   5:13
Red Sector A   5:19
Leave That Thing Alone   4:51
The Rhythm Method   8:21
Resist   3:57
2112: Overture/The Temples of Syrinx   6:51
Limelight   4:28
La Villa Strangiato   8:55
The Spirit of Radio   5:59
Bytor and the Snow Dog   4:28
Cygnus X-1   3:07
Working Man   5:23

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5f41c9ed9e3d429cbc01e55b3b684240 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t07.shn
949d417312c2f06c11dfbc502bb7eeb6 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t08.shn
c9ff6b6840c505ae83e46edc5e4d7f78 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t09.shn
871d8bc9482044645355b63655580d45 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t10.shn
7a8f197b36b8ad5686c47af7bec4abe8 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t11.shn
c4aa9342f1ccfbf79a15721f81d0b629 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t12.shn
6ac74fbe43fbeba12ed32de8223691d2 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t13.shn
cca3a1f3236a02732dac714d61d85477 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t14.shn
15071a3256e69c63ed23c08f5eb3fe27 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t15.shn
08ed09c0be5a661958989aec5ca4c338 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d1t16.shn

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ae81e6f63320ae8fe1b9c16927c22af1 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t03.shn
31cdbf7b11ce170e63b03b17de198dea *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t04.shn
11c52dddc07949a00c2f6ac110086c8c *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t05.shn
4c84b4c9b06fb8a9b05c18a88a798bf8 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t06.shn
1ef8cd5b0a5c7967fbea8a192f23959b *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t07.shn
2b3a3690f02a3bea6f4efbbb9264c5da *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t08.shn
6f0c569141bcc5d0c3ce25b4afca50cc *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t09.shn
43491535a0c6b47c9254f286d60b9c61 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t10.shn
0a844d85291ec66b7c7c85aba9987422 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t11.shn
1d90995737e14a587e989ee7ff0b6263 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t12.shn
366c53de0fa77d3abf4f2118f36494ec *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t13.shn
e84cbbf811d32bf00e0484eb3f1ba038 *Rush_A-Dream-To-Rise_d2t14.shn

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VT A Dream To Rise.pdf

Average Rating:Audio: 7.5

The Digital Dan
   (Audio - 7.5)

Taken from a DAT master, this is a nice airy sounding recording. You can definitely hear the venue acoustics on this one. The source has wonderful dynamics with virtually no crowd noise, which is probably why you can hear the venue. I feel like I'm floating out in the audience listing to this. The louder you play this, the more detail that comes out of the recording. The mix is nice and all the instruments can be heard clearly. "Dreamline" has a flubbed up intro by Alex which is kind of amusing. Highlights again are performances of "Freewill", the drum solo and "La Villa" even though Alex is singing some strange song(s). As with all Digital Reproductions releases, this is for free trade or blank media trade only! Do not buy, sell, or distribute for profit. Help keep the spirit of trading alive and well.

   (Audio - 7.5)

A very nice recording from SLC.? I attended this show with Matt VH and drove all day the following day to Denver. I recall this show being loud, for I was in Sec. 18 and really close to the PA's.? This recording came from a DAT master tape that surfaced about a month after the show and really shows the acoustics of the venue.? The sound spectrum is pretty even throughout with nice ambiance in the mix due to venue acoustics.? No one part of the recording overpowers the others.? There is slight phasing in few of the songs, but otherwise it's a great addition to anyone's collection.? The taper is very well positioned to capture a nice recording.? IMO, Mountain View, Denver, Mansfield and one or two other shows still rank up there in the top tier with SLC and many others being in the 2nd tier for sound quality.? Many thanks to Matt VH and S.C. for their generosity to share!!?

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