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Camden, NJ 2007 (Lou)


Media: 3 CDr Audio
Time: 189:09
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: July 06, 2007
Location: Tweeter Center, Camden, New Jersey, USA

Snakes and Arrows intro (beginning cut)   1:41
Limelight   4:39
Digital Man   6:44
Entre Nous   5:39
Mission   5:41
Freewill   6:07
The Main Monkey Business   6:38
The Larger Bowl   4:23
Secret Touch   7:58
Circumstances   3:51
Between the Wheels   6:07
Dreamline   5:21

Intermission   25:21
Intro to second set   4:04
Far Cry   5:23
Workin' Them Angels   4:51
Armor And Sword   6:40
Spindrift   5:52
The Way The Wind Blows   6:27
Subdivisions   6:48
Natural Science   8:25
Witch Hunt   4:46

Malignant Narcissism   2:22
Drum Solo   7:26
Hope   2:37
Summertime Blues   3:56
The Spirit Of Radio   5:16
Tom Sawyer   7:16
One Little Victory   5:34
A Passage to Bangkok   3:53
YYZ / Outro   6:54

3ca77354552faa44643d66f2e48ccf94 *rush2007-07-06t01.flac
44119f203b6a9dbcfc8e05a21052e598 *rush2007-07-06t02.flac
b2a570d5bd629322ccd3d8ce2cda9042 *rush2007-07-06t03.flac
7c5f7877e75fc43bd408d7bbe81c817d *rush2007-07-06t04.flac
3d952892d4e1b0bb80d506d858cc7b14 *rush2007-07-06t05.flac
036058911af1226c630fa3789b3090f6 *rush2007-07-06t06.flac
d6b19ddac0a45e0fef51eed02a6d6a8e *rush2007-07-06t07.flac
b595e95d01dc84d2ebf00b62dfefa095 *rush2007-07-06t08.flac
7db4981e453d83e2a540e366b8a4004e *rush2007-07-06t09.flac
f02f3afdfa05cbfd8a9e332a9e4fc919 *rush2007-07-06t10.flac
fc86461cd53d252e1c1716ed5adcc0c6 *rush2007-07-06t11.flac
9ff8634046ce258de75a035089cc688a *rush2007-07-06t12.flac
9754532966a46395356f24bee8a7e955 *rush2007-07-06t13.flac
0db5f5685b54ba42a5643078ae2a4f09 *rush2007-07-06t14.flac
fd9b82dde04bfb9b4665eb306fba4b13 *rush2007-07-06t15.flac
4f4ac6e3cd424caa15655f4cbc4c83c9 *rush2007-07-06t16.flac
35188972e6c2521e107de4630259fae8 *rush2007-07-06t17.flac
4a4b56eab2c2a38c16110ec856faa8b3 *rush2007-07-06t18.flac
4a7b140d6783c46d673f06c0b91543c3 *rush2007-07-06t19.flac
a82a73a4f69f5d2863ddc462a2908209 *rush2007-07-06t20.flac
dc3dca1e4c00ea5d19d103340270be90 *rush2007-07-06t21.flac
5b3e9a3c50be874496558f053fc0be53 *rush2007-07-06t22.flac
119668a0c9de0f44e7917e2f089b9e87 *rush2007-07-06t23.flac
2b26b0efb8f9f912f1e4ca7651913c1b *rush2007-07-06t24.flac
51457a0811a0926e7a3761b88dbdb1fa *rush2007-07-06t25.flac
19feca91b807e78903bb4bafebe58d48 *rush2007-07-06t26.flac
5ba236b9b21630b807fa5f962c9ecf30 *rush2007-07-06t27.flac
90c1b95d52de720fb1ab71a270029e33 *rush2007-07-06t28.flac
af09f4ba2705c61e18614ceeb5e92a90 *rush2007-07-06t29.flac
ed3d9b6ced19ed83ed196c123c538099 *rush2007-07-06t30.flac
1481dcb5fce6d5fa3a15f67ce00e6dd7 *rush2007-07-06t31.flac

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Taper Notes

Location: General admission lawn seating, approximately Section "8," directly in line with 2nd speaker stack from right on lawn. First 25 minutes, 50 feet away from stacks. Rest of show--moved to back wall of venue, still in line with 2nd speaker stack from right.

Lineage: Edirol R-09 (internal mics, 24 bit/48 Khz, not sure of settings on the back)>PC>CDWave & Wave Cat for splitting/joining>FLAC(level 8)

My first ever attempt at recording a show, and it sounds like it. I bought my ticket for this the day of the show and just was anxious to tape something, having bought the Edirol R-09 in June 2007. I'm not a die-hard Rush fan, but I know more songs than just the radio hits, I have a few common bootlegs, and I'd never seen them before. All of that made me pull the trigger and buy a cheap lawn seat to see the show.

This is not horrible sounding, but in my humble opinion it's for completists and attendees only. I don't have external mics, because I still don't know what I'm doing, I don't want to spend anymore money, and I just wanted to keep things simple. I recorded at 24 bit/48 Khz, stereo. If someone wants to make a 16 bit version go ahead, I'm not taking the time to do that. Except for splitting and joining tracks and converting to FLAC, this is my raw master recording. Absolutely nothing was done to change the audio itself.

I must say, after finally taping a show myself, I have a new-found appreciation for what it's like to tape. Getting in was pretty easy. But keeping the recorder away from security's view was a bitch. For the majority of the show, these dorks wearing Live Nation shirts, who probably never heard of Rush before being assigned to this show, were constantly roaming up and down the lawn. I basically had to sit down and keep the recorder cradled in between my legs. Obviously, that is NOT how you want to aim the thing, but I had no choice. I sat through the majority of the concert in fear of getting caught, and many times had to put my arms over my lap or jostle the thing to get it out of harm's way. At one point I put it in my pocket for fear of getting caught. When the sound changes on this, it was probably a fearful moment for me.

I picked a spot where not a lot of people were around. But of course, of the few people that were around me, basically all of them were smoking pot. So it didn't help that attention was being drawn to my area for that crap. There were a couple of times I was SURE that one of these Live Nation tools was going to say to me, "Sir can I see what's in your lap?"

That being said, this still could have been a pleasant recording if not for my inability to take care of things that were in my control. The main problem with this is that there's a lot of clipping, especially early on in the show. I just didn't prepare enough to get everything set up right, which is why beginning of the intro didn't get taped, because I was fumbling around with the thing. I did catch by the fourth or fifth song in that it was peaking way too much and I lowered the input level a couple of times. I think I started it at input level 20, and worked down to 15. The clipping isn't as bad in the second set as it was the first.

This also gets me to another point, which is that I really don't remember how I set the switches on the back. I intended to have low-cut off and mic gain low, but I may have accidentally have put low-cut on and/or mic gain high. I was just so happy to make it in without getting caught, that when I was doing what I needed to do in the bathroom, I just forgot to check my settings. Live and learn.

The secondary problem with this is that occasionally you'll hear me talking. I didn't realize the mics were going to pick up my voice that strongly. There actually isn't that much talking, but when there is talking, it's annoying and loud. During "Entre Nous" some woman's toddler was running around me so I made some small talk to act like I wasn't doing anything suspicious, and you can hear it clearly. I also taped the intermission and made a phone call to a friend. My whole end of the phone call is on there from 2:30 - 7:27, where you can hear me describe what it was like trying to tape. Again, I never realized before truly what a sacrifice it is to tape. You'll also hear me after the show is over talking about taping and Bit Torrenting with a couple of people who'll maybe pop up to claim it was them.

I accidentally hit pause during Freewill but got it back on quickly, so there's a small cut @ 2:01 of that song. I also accidentally hit stop during Dreamline. I got it back on maybe 5-7 seconds after I did that, so there's a small cut @ 0:14 of that. Other than the cut at the beginning, and these small cuts, the whole thing is recorded, including intermission.

As far as the show itself, my opinion is that Rush puts on a very professional show. They don't dick around, their playing is exceptional, and while I don't care for most of their stuff after Signals, I respect their musicianship and that they're still out there making new music and being honest with their fans. Though you wouldn't know by this recording, the sound was fantastic at this concert too. It was what I like to call "pleasantly loud," a perfect volume for a rock concert, you can distinguish every instrument, none of this ear-splitting, bass-thumping, incoherent vocal shit.

Anyway you've been warned. If you don't like something that's not done with equipment that costs thousands of dollars, and sounds like a novice effort, don't download. At least this one got recorded and is liberated, which seems to be problem with shows at this venue. If someone wants to put up their source that's better, I'm all for it and since I was at this show, I'd love to hear it. But for now, this beats nothing.


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