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Seattle, WA 1974


Media: 1 CDr Audio
Catalog: JEMS Master:
Source: Audience Master
Date: November 19, 1974
Location: Paramount Theater, Seattle, Washington, USA

Finding My Way
What You're Doing
In The Mood
Here Again
Fancy Dancer
Bad Boy (Larry Williams via the Beatles cover)
Working Man (tape flip in drum solo)

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Production Notes

Sony ECM-22 mic > Sony TC-155 cassette recorder

Master cassette > Nakamichi CR-7A azimuth-adjusted transfer (March 2008) > Terratec Phase 24 > Peak 5.2 24/96 capture and sample conversion to 16/44.1 > FLAC

Based on notes I found at, this is considered a significant recording in Rush collecting circles as the best audie from the band's first-album tour.

The entry for the show at Digital Rush gives the history of this tape as being found in the back of a closet as a first gen, transferred to VHS hi-fi with some static and drop out problems, then to CD-R from which it has circulated widely.

This then is the first transfer from the master cassette (Scotch normal bias). There's a chunk of Rory Gallagher's encore on the flip side so I assume Rush was opening for him. I haven't had a chance to call "S" to ask him what he recalls about this recording, but we can probably assume it was recorded like nearly every tape we made at the Paramount, from the last row of the main floor next to the curtain sash where we would mount the microphone. Samples provided.

I'd describe myself as a light, slightly closeted Rush fan, but seeing this on shelf at JEMS' northwest "vault," I thought it merited a fresh airing here. I've done nothing but transfer, stitch together the two sides, and add a fade in and out.

After all, somebody else needs to post a Rush show other than GeddyonDime, right? ;) I hope he especially appreciates this.

Butterking for JEMS


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