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Uniondale, NY 1979


Media: 2 CD Audio
Time: 45:39, 71:04
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience
Date: April 06, 1979
Location: Nassau Coliseum, Uniondale, New York, USA

Anthem   4:43
A Passage to Bangkok   3:56
By-Tor and the Snow Dog   4:57
Xanadu   12:39
Something for Nothing   4:21
The Trees   4:50
Cygnus X-1   10:13

Hemispheres   18:25
Closer to the Heart   3:31
Circumstances   3:52
A Farewell to Kings   5:32
La Villa Strangiato   10:12
2112: Overture / Temples of Syrinx / Discovery / Presentation >
Soliloquy / Grand Finale / Ditty Intro to Working Man   18:45
Working Man   3:07
Bastille Day   1:40
In The Mood   2;44
Drum Solo (cut)   3:16

83eac62c00827fc8b9fdd00eac3b8223 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d1t01.shn
4ec5aafb51f855a1ec5c4c1659678ce3 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d1t02.shn
9ad9f5119d4aa25ce559572926319e0c *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d1t03.shn
0cf550c117a4c6c25d98b5a3afbc4096 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d1t04.shn
c478a888ddf407d654b1864508bbe992 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d1t05.shn
1c47186d5b1da980939b86a780d4fb73 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d1t06.shn
27a4d9e06be49e9e7ae0a3e1e6fc941c *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d1t07.shn
5c2ec961b0309efe4c8d292422bc7170 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t01.shn
0c3a79572a5530b1f23635cd28592e89 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t02.shn
af5afc274cd7f647d8a065787074a679 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t03.shn
28677494e74961b9974816b1e6e2003d *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t04.shn
9a7fe5af60e6a4f598fb79049c07a20f *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t05.shn
4da33593333828b98251af97e7d0d020 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t06.shn
2562d93f7cef2356d83addfcf88b4604 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t07.shn
70862a957d1179927a91b9c65cf1d0c7 *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t08.shn
6c246d4908440314272e0100e00bc90e *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t09.shn
ed453d200e49f97535f26bd66640cf2f *1979-04-06-uniondale_ny_d2t10.shn

There is no artwork available for this title.

Average Rating:

Taken from Ron's Rush ROIO Review:

This show features what is likely the most blistering version of A Farewell To Kings that Iíve yet heard.† In fact, the entire performance is great, featuring some very aggressive playing. The only problem with this tape is that it was done by the most idiotic tapers Iíve ever heard. These are the kind of guys you pray you never get stuck sitting next to at a show. One gives a running commentary throughout the show, sings along, threatens to kick someoneís ass, and adds his own sound effects. And heís LOUD, too. If it werenít for this, it would be a fantastic ROIO. The band sounds a bit distant, and thereís a lot of echo, but the mix is very good.† Worth a listen, if you donít mind the tapers.


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