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Media: 3 CD Audio
Time: 66:15, 62:50, 34:13
Catalog: C.S. Productions: CSP47/48/49
Source: Audience
Date: September 02, 2007
Location: Germain Amphitheater, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Intro   2:44
Limelight   4:42
Digital Man   7:06
Entre Nous   5:36
Mission   5:40
Freewill   6:07
The Main Monkey Business   6:37
The Larger Bowl   4:19
Secret Touch   7:55
Circumstances   3:48
Between The Wheels   6:06
Dreamline   5:30

Intro   2:53
Far Cry   5:24
Workin' Them Angels   4:45
Armor And Sword   6:40
Spindrift   5:55
The Way The Wind Blows   6:28
Subdivisions   6:43
Natural Science   8:29
Witch Hunt   4:42
Malignant Narcissism   2:21
Drum Solo   8:25

Hope   2:19
Summertime Blues   4:20
The Spirit Of Radio   5:59
Tom Sawyer   6:30
One Little Victory   5:27
A Passage To Bangkok   3:51
YYZ   5:01
Outro   0:42

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613cd56f5a261438105a9671e9b3483e *2007-09-02-d01t10.flac
64d24cea3950711dbbdfc9996f9b04e3 *2007-09-02-d01t11.flac
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95cc16574c26449e9724639117f2a21c *2007-09-02-d02t01.flac
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c79570987490de1ad294d890d4213fe5 *2007-09-02-d02t03.flac
c11b72d30ec1ca44cd9d729db0f6eea2 *2007-09-02-d02t04.flac
4f05484547542ce5587f68990c26f9f3 *2007-09-02-d02t05.flac
6e357e6b2b417fe4d1fe8b06793079d6 *2007-09-02-d02t06.flac
4a4575ba0f6dcf78840372bf202ff519 *2007-09-02-d02t07.flac
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9f151cf94b65edfe956e24c37b1ad9c5 *rush-2007-09-02-CSP-info.txt
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Rush CCoA Back.jpg
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Taper's Notes

Section A,Row Z,Seat 32 - 25th row(right side,near center aisle) SP-CMC-7 Mics >Sony TDC-D8 >SPDIF>PC>FLAC 8 CSP47/48/49 Here's the chosen release from C.S. Productions.This time I did something a bit different.Instead of just picking a show from the 'ol shelf that I liked, I found a few decent sounding ones I never released and took a poll for the most popular to be requested next. Well this was the one, plus I also offered or asked anyone to do the artwork for a change.Which normally I do but really I just suck at it sometimes and frankly I'm just tired of doing it. My old friend used to do a fine job during the early releases but Steve is long gone from CSP so I was stuck with the task. Luckily someone stepped up to the plate and offered to do it and let me just say what a fine job it is! Really, I was happy so I wanna say "Hats off to you CE_34" !!! Thank you very much for helping out, your work is greatly appreciated! All credit goes to CE_34 for the artwork, including the naming of this release. With the art and title in place, I will tell you the sound here isn't too bad at all. Remember Trails To Polaris? That show I taped in '02 was with the same equipment but slightly different location. This time I was on Geddy's side and the crowd seemed better behaved than last. I like it better and I hope you'll enjoy it too.The source is complete from the master DAT so there's nothing missing here. Lastly on another note...I wanna say that things have been pretty hectic in my older years and after these past Rush shows,it has become harder to enjoy the experience while taping. Maybe it's been a slew of bad luck,bad health...blah blah blah...I dunno but I've thought about taking a break from it all. This year will probably be the last for CSP but I'll still be around, just not to the extent I was while going to so many concerts.So I wanna say thanks now to all that have helped me,stood by and encouraged these releases.In the meantime, I'll try to get more stuff out but after this year it'll be at snail's pace.Thanks again and enjoy the show. -Chris- C.S. Productions aka Saltshaker 8/2008 Warning: Please do not encode this show to any lossy format unless for personal use only.This release was made by fans for fans and is to be traded freely.This is not to be sold at all. Please do not re-release under any other title without permission first.Any violations of these guidelines may bring voodoo upon yourself.    (2008-11-29)

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