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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-106
Source: Audience Master
Date: October 25, 1991
Location: Copps Coliseum, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Force Ten   5:10
Limelight    4:21
Freewill   4:00
Distant Early Warning   4:32
Time Stand Still    5:59
Dreamline    5:09
Bravado    6:21
Roll The Bones    7:06
Show Don't Tell    5:02
The Big Money   5:54
Subdivisions    3:41

The Pass   5:25
Where's My Thing    5:05
The Rhythm Method    7:11
Closer To The Heart    4:39
Xanadu    6:38
Superconductor    4:56
Tom Sawyer    4:29
Medley - The Spirit Of Radio, 2112: Overture, Finding My Way, La Villa Strangiato...   17:26

Disc #1
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a374b4f497489a58e0633b52d73a7a60 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T02.flac
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e514f5978740b5d5aa8a425683f429ea *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T04.flac
8caded467c14adbe4bd7f4c4588293a7 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T05.flac
ef27898c0a97afe599beb5f1f3df0bb2 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T06.flac
5315426a56ae222647c54d94d6129876 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T07.flac
1d731744cc1727ec68d31d6ee7e61361 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T08.flac
4727c816cb0f85775bc2bae5873ee3fa *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T09.flac
d88aeecb735972c4891c2f536b385c99 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T10.flac
8eccb371189c65e3a90b0c08bcbf572d *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D1T11.flac

Disc #2
3985b8255920712b298c7a33317088b9 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D2T01.flac
259a16a4da7042d97602c45723fbaade *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D2T02.flac
406d14f909b65a2e3b6670cd1f41b974 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D2T03.flac
4af133a8612fd697a470f0685b9c435c *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D2T04.flac
6a96271c2bb6c5494e16160f1d25ab48 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D2T05.flac
4d013371f3ced47a1dfb7994e34ae9a0 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D2T06.flac
8bbd87de14b6fce0b52a9c96eefbc9a3 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D2T07.flac
401146606ab2526eef3f4ebd954dd875 *1991_10_25_Rush_tSSVol4_D2T08.flac

1991 10 25 Rush tSSVol4 Info Back.jpg
1991 10 25 Rush tSSVol4 Info Disc 1.jpg
1991 10 25 Rush tSSVol4 Info Disc 2.jpg
1991 10 25 Rush tSSVol4 Info Front.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 7

Simple sMan Productions
   (Audio - 7)

A complete recording from the Roll the Bones tour. There are a few small cuts, small noticable and some not and several of the somgs are muffled like a coat was thrown over the mics... perhaps a security duck? As in all the of Sony Sessions recordings so far, the tape is ever so slightly saturated so bear that in mind as you tune in. However that being said, the taper has done a really nice job during the entire \'Sony Sessions" considering the equipment that was used.  Kudos to the taper!

Thanks, as always, goes out to Neph for the really artwork.  Excellent job Neph!  

And a special thank you this time around to Crazyrunner for hooking the taper and SMP up.  Thanks Crazy!

An extra special big thank you to James G Ramsay, as Taper Extraordinaire and Blatant Rip Off Records.  Thanks for sharing for all can enjoy!

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official  releases! Released Oct 2008 on The Digital Shore -  As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.


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