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Media: 3 CDr Audio
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: June 30, 2008
Location: The Riverbend Music Center, Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

Snakes Gate Disc 1.jpg
Snakes Gate Disc 2.jpg
Snakes Gate Disc 3.jpg
Snakes Gate Back.jpg
Snakes Gate Folder.jpg
Snakes Gate Front.jpg

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Taper Notes

Source: Audience Digital Master , 24 Bit down sampled to 16 Bit
Recording Equipment: Zoom H2 - MM-BSM-8 Binaural Stereo MicrophonesAnd MM-MBM "Mint Box" Battery / Filter Module Radioshack Inline Volume Controol
Location: Lawn Seat
Taper: Jfuller
Mastering: SiriusJoe
Artwork: Cameraeye_34

ould like to thank :

SiriusJoe for his mastering work, Cameraeye_34 for his artwork, Rnixon , baltzerj ( Der Führer Slagwerker ) and Angel

Lerxst123 and Jr , Was great meeting new friends !

id like to thank all the great people at the Gate , This show is dedicated to you guys ! also in the memory of Thorny , R.I.P. my friend .


this is my personal recording , there may be others out therefrom this show , but this one is differnt.

Show came out fairly clean

first 3 songs dont sound as good as the rest , was walking around looking for a spot that had a clean sound , found a spot that had an obstructed view that was right in front of some realy big speakers so i perched there for the rest of the show.

there is some balance issues on some of the songs , as i wasnt thinking , turning around a few times , throwing off the balance from side to side .

this is my first recording since my tape recorder died in the middle 90,s.if they only made equiptment like this 20 years ago , wow!

This is a production by fans for fans , it is to be traded for only !  Never to be sold ! If you like this tour then buy there new cd and dvd .

enjoy the show !



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