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Media: 2 CDr Audio
Catalog: Simple Man Productions: SMP-107
Source: Audience Master
Date: May 01, 2008
Location: Cricket Pavilion, Phoenix, Arizona, USA

Disc #1
c9daaf8e1a8928d7f00aff8d51809fd5 *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T01.flac
d6db77378569ba05389ac0fc4dc09443 *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T02.flac
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60e8db01d95460e4276dc2dca4b6892d *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T05.flac
c4f72821dd1eee7451d1abbf98c0cc5a *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T06.flac
cd2b35b7d3f32747cd6f884db67b4a82 *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T07.flac
a5d5b3550a0c8b980db1cd44dc66502b *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T08.flac
f7057570e2c28235938b4c0d384c8f5c *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T09.flac
d2c5392705249a3fa152783062b30a87 *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T10.flac
1e2d7b5e91d0ed55f9f3c3b02272bc2e *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T11.flac
787cbc8d8a20c69ccc3e55c8d048e63f *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D1T12.flac

Disc #2
d33b232b4707cee7bd9de0cbe59adb07 *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D2T01.flac
a910b54f6009ef7dd170ae39924e4ca1 *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D2T02.flac
ef0ab8503ad73a043beed09b3304a370 *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D2T03.flac
de2f556f908af36ce7fb12145459923d *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D2T04.flac
dd79a1f454cb90caca390ee557d5ae0d *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D2T05.flac
47410ed3f41ff0dbe1f85b9219f1f1df *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D2T06.flac
bb7752075943c779e691ee95fa280340 *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D2T07.flac
f9399f26563538109669baa8e47b396b *2008_05_01_Rush_S&C_D2T08.flac

Snakes And Crickets Back.jpg
Snakes And Crickets Front.jpg
Snakes And Crickets Label 1.jpg
Snakes And Crickets Label 2.jpg

Average Rating:Audio: 8.5

   (Audio - 8.5)

Tapers Notes
Finally, time to record. All's in order - MD, check, mics and batt box, check, roomy drawers for storage >snap<, discs, check. Walk a bit funny, but, ah well.
Almost didn't make the show - no tickets to be had anywhere. Serves me right for waiting until 5/1. Thought the prices would be better. Found a ticket, not exactly a prime spot for taping - extreme stage right, almost in the bushes. Watch for snakes!!
Time to enter the venue - wow, no security to speak of. Should have brought the damn reel-to-reel. Easy entry, waddle to the bathroom to, uh, unload, then off to my seat. Holy crap, I'm right on the aisle, but close to the stage and stacks.  This should be interesting, with security patrolling said aisle, no cover save the tourbook. Start the MD a few minutes early, to ensure that it's up and running - then showtime!!!
Great show as always, crowd into it, not too many talkers or woo-wooers near me. Even the swap after the drum solo went well ... or so I thought. Upon listening in the parking lot, it was discovered that the second half from the intro to the solo was missing. WTF? Seems that the MD is very slow to burn to the disc, so when the taper ejected the disc, too early it seems, the data was lost. Not again !!!
The remaining bits you have before you, given a top notch spit and polish by Simple Man.
I keep saying this, but, maybe next time...

Production Notes
A decent recording, even if a little short of the Snakes and Arrows Live Tour. Becasue of a slight equipment meltdown, the 1st half of the 2nd set is missing and we start the action partially into Hope.  There is a small amount of static for the first few minutes of the recording...perhaps a slight foreshadowing?

Thanks, as always, goes out to Neph for the artwork.  Thanks Neph!  

And thanks to the south western division of Simple Man Productions for trying yet again.  Like you said, next time! :)

This recording was produced by fans, for fans and is never to be sold. If you like this recording, support the artists and purchase their official  releases! Released Oct 2008 on The Digital Shore -  As is the Simple Man norm, this show will be traded freely to all comers.


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