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Manchester 2008 (MaidenNH)


Media: 2 DVDr Video
Catalog: None:
Source: Audience Master
Date: July 11, 2008
Location: Verizon Wireless Arena, Manchester, New Hampshire, USA

There is no artwork available for this title.

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Taper Notes

Equipment: Giant Squid omni mics w/bass rolloff > Canon ZR800 miniDV > firewire > insignia dvd recorder(xp mode)

Video Tracks:
MPEG-2, 720 X 480, 16:9, 29.97 fps, 6.56 Mbps
Audio Tracks:
AC3 2/0, 48 kHz, 256 kbps

Menu: crappy
Chapters: between songs & every 5 minutes(forgot to turn auto chapters off)
Screenshots: coming soon
Covers/Artwork: Not even remotely interested

As far as the missing material, I was approached by security during the 2nd song of the 2nd set, escorted to the head honcho, who took my tape(all 5 minutes of it) and said if he saw me again, I'm out. Thinking back, I suppose he meant I had to stop filming... but oh well, I took what he said literally and made sure no one saw me again.
The rest of the 2nd set was filmed from a different location.
A big F U to the bald guy in front of me(in the 1st half) who knew I had the camera, was the only person in the whole balcony standing, just looked at me like an asshole when I waved for him to move(he only had a whole row to himself), and likely turned me in.

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